Rude Elitist harley riders need culling.

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  1. I love harleys , i have owned many and sold them raced them..... But certain Harley owners really piss me off with their holier than though attitude treating others with disdain as if we are Untermench not fit to kiss the dogshit of their shoes.

    In this town I have many harley riding friends but certain groups have extreme bad attitudes , rude , patronising ,i have always treated people with a friendly and courteous attitude and expect basic civility from other but over the weekend i went with some for a run and was treated extremely rudely by some of these oafs , what makes it worse is that some of the prats come to me for favours and when not in their baby group actually want to be associated with me .

    well no more these idiots need culling.
  2. When i owned a really hotted up HD in the Uk I was often told off by other HD riders mainly HOG types for riding it too fast, and have had the same shit here ,, now i ride a Ducati they hate me even more.
  3. My wife and Minimonster are going to brighton on 21st march , i should be going about the same time depending on work for about 5 weeks then i will get the Monster 750 out.

  4. They are a different breed allright
    Have ridden a few..and owned a VN 1500 suzuki.
    Most borring bike i have ridden.
    The only thing about them they seem to hold there price.
    Anything with Harley on it costs.
    There is a forum here at the moment..where a Harley is going to race a F1 down the quater...
    Should be interesting
    Think the japa will blow the doors off it
  5. Monsterman and Capt Slash, you are spot on. They seem to consider themselves the motorbike elite and regard anyone else with disdain.

    They should read this forum and learn what motorbiking is about. They would be shocked reading about some of the trips you guys are doing and the bikes you're doing them on.

    To me they are like herd animals; can only be somebody in a pack.
  6. No its not all HD riders and owners , I have a few mates who are Harley to the core but are still decent humans and love me and my bike ... but a certain type of HD owner have pissed me off big time with their attitudes and insincere slimy politicaly correct attitude.

    One guy said i was shit because i did not ride a harley or spend enough money in his bar.

    Another said that whilst he respected me for my nonalighned attitude he felt personally threatened , that i did not respect his rules and was a maverick .

    Another that he had an agenda and that i threatened it by speaking the truth and that i knew too much about things .

    another said i cant trust somebody that refuses to dress like other bikers?

    Bllocks i hate uniforms , so i wont wear the badass clothing.

    Oh it goes on and on.

    People who dont ride harleys are Pussies.

    They forget that at Bira 4 years ago my harley ?buell blew all opposition away and i hold the fastest Sporster in the UK record.

    Ignorant dicks.
  7. what a load of bollocks
  8. Judging from the quote below, it appears you have a point.
  9. Hog Head does have a point :!: Everyone can't be Tared with the same Brush. The Few Guys i know up here in Chiang Mai with Harleys are Genuine Friendly Helpful Guys. Don't Forget this Post started in Pattaya, Need We Say More :?: :roll: No offence to you Monsterman, I have never had the Pleasure of meeting you and you contribute alot of Knowledge to the site but you might have to change your Circle of Friends not the Make of Bikes, Keep Happy Guys. :D
  10. Ian ,, its not my personal circle of friends trhat are the problem many of whom ride harleys but are still Human and appreciate diversity . its another type of Hd rider that is the problem and the problem is that everywhere we go they turn up as well , they are not Badass outlaws or hells angels whom I have many as friends but a narrow minded elitist PC type who think they are Gods Gift to farangs . They infect Pattaya like a plague.also to a lesser extent bangkok.

    Funny thing is that many other local HD owners share my views on these characters.
  11. I was warned about exactly this before i decided to Buy the Tiger. Owning a Harley Davidson in Thailand is seen as a Class Statement and Major Status Symbol, as one Famous GT-Rider told me it signals to others: "I've got F**K Off Money" :twisted: . Luckily it isn't quite as Bad up here but Pattaya and Phuket for Sure, you don't often see to many Other Types of Bikes Riding with Harley's. Mike, Richie's Father is late 60's and Rides everywhere on a Full Dresser and you couldn't find a Nicer Guy :D A Real Legend, But of Course the Harley Guys from down there don't actually Ride much apart from Locally do they? Trucks and Planes are their main mode of Transport :wink: Just enjoy your Bike and Riding for what it is. All the Best.
  12. For me every bike rider is the same with one exception when they make a political statement while on their bike. This I experienced firsthand in my time in Pattaya 98-04, some HD and Chopper riders like to show off their weird thoughts in wearing SS helmets and Swastikas on it, that's when my tolerance goes to zero, back home in my country they would be in court for that, maybe that's why they're blooming in Pattaya..............I don't blame some locals for copying this behaviour as they don't really know what these signs mean, but to see loads of foreigners wearing these pisses me really off.......
  13. But what is strange is that the harley is a status symbol but it is not Thais who exhibit this elitist behaviour. only certain westerners ,mostly americans ,and some scandinavians and a few Brits but no Germans which is interesting.

    But my other HD riding friends are also americans , Brits , scandis and germans and they also get pissed of when treated as 3rd class citizens by these elitist pricks,
  14. At 2 1/2, I taught my son the difference in sound between a Harley and a real bike... when he hears a Harley he says "mid life crisis" :)

    The thing I don't like about Harley Riders is the posers... Loud as f*ck exhaust, Harley Uniform, All tat's and bad attitude, and that most of them couldn't ride out of sight on a dark night, or haven't tried...

    I don't know about Harley bikes, only the propaganda spread by real bike riders, e.g. that they are slow, thirsty, and unreliable... It is just the 'look at me attitude' that so many of them display that sh!ts me...

    Wow, a Harley with a loud exhaust and lots of chrome and bling... That's original...

    All credit to the guys who do up the old US military Harleys and stuff like that tho... they are interesting bikes... as for the rest of the riders, put a muffler on it, and ride further than the local go-go and you may have some credability...

  15. hahhahaha...such hogwash statement about hd riders is found in malaysia too :lol: and half of it, is the truth! :shock: We too have hd owners who think, act holier than thou & me...hahahahah...

    ...And than we also have gsx riders who think hd cannot ran fast...until they met my Screaming eagle prep, Supertrapp' Juicy Lucy 883R with only a techo meter for measuring topspeed :lol:

    joko-also-HD-owner :twisted:
  16. Whatever happened to riders giving each other a "wave" of acknowledgement when passing on the road?? I know it won't happen in the city, but out in the sticks, why not?

    Try it next time, the other rider will be so shocked he/she will probably fall off or be riding a HD and won't bother.

    Met most of my best riding buddies on the road not in bars. What do you think?

  17. Absolutely correct Harry.Yes.
  18. I went for a ride yesterday... a typical route here in Sydney is through the Royal National Park (5 minutes from home) to the lookout at the southern end, called Bald Hill


    On a weekend morning there will usually be 50 bikes assembled there as a turn around point, or a stop on the way further down the coast... This morning, a group of Ulysses Club members were there (you need to be over 55 to join the Ulysses Club) on restored 50's Triumphs, BSAs, JAPs, and Nortons... very interesting bikes... everyone parks in one section of the carpark and looks at each others bikes...

    The a group from the HOG turns up on their noisy pieces of sh!t... one of them parks on the footpath right where everyone lines up to buy coffee from the coffee van... as if anyone would be interested in his chrome plated turd...

    I am sure that not all Harley riders are like this... and I know that way too many Ducati bikes here have never been further than the local cafe strip... but that for my is typical of the Harley riders we see here...

  19. I dislike ignorant people and ignorant riders. It's sad to meet a biker somewhere and if you strike up a conversation it turns out the guy doesn't know pippy-dicky about his ride. And interestingly this happens too often with Harley riders - those clowns in their black leather head-to-toe uniform that should tell everybody he's a Lone Rider. Way more money than brains. Prefer a guy on a '85 Honda 650 Silver Wing approaching 200000km who can change the tranny in a parking lot in the rain using only a spoon and the lid of a rusty sardine can, know what I mean?
    There are some Harley riders like that, but the majority wouldn't know where the oil goes. Who sit around in cafes and talk about "Screaming Eagles" and other expensive hop-up parts but won't ride on a rainy day...
  20. BUSH PILOT - forget about the Sporty, since it's not a sporty, they should have called it a Lame Duck. Look at the amount of HP that old longstroke shaking two-valve low compression air-cooled excuse of an engine puts out and then the weight of the whole thing...! It's heavier than a Kawa ZX12!! An SV 650 is half the price, lasts twice as long and should run rings around the Porky - eh, Sporty.
  21. Yep, but it's big and heavy - by the time the oil is up to operating temperature, you're home again. What you need is a little light city scoot you can also zip to the next beach with, and if somebody tips it over it doesn't matter much. And that's the XR250 - for many people the only bike THEY ever need...
  22. Man, have you seen those new 2008 Harleys?
    Don't they fly! I was cruising some really tight bends last weekend and come across a new fat bob, tried to get around him but he had to much acceleration out of the corner. Time and time again I would get up his hammer and get ready to pass him, I finally got up the inside when he went wide, stayed in front until I heard the inevitable noise of his exhaust, woosh off he went in the straights.
    Guess I will have to trade my mountain bike in on a road bike with 21 gears. That should catch him!
  23. While we are on the subject of Harleys, I was reading the latest copy of Motorcycle Trader in Australia (March 2008 copy). There is a write up on the new Suzuki AN650 Burgman. The Tester was riding 2 up with his missus and was discussing the power & handling of the big scooter.
    Quote "Somewhere there is a Harley rider and passenger not saying much about a scooter passing them mid-corner - then out running them. There is a bit left at an indicated 170km/h."
  24. I don't think this thread is really going anywhere or helping promote motorcycling. So let's give it a break & close it eh?

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