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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by ray23, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    I was told by Jimmy the Thai dealer here in Uodn that two farrangs were killed on bikes this weekend. One on the Nung Bua Lampho highway and one in Lomsak, One riding a Harley the other a BMW. True not true I don't know. Anyone have any information?
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  3. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    if that is the case it's sad,, but as far i saw, all other with BMW's where thais (Exept Johnkk)as i saw them,, there was abt 4-5other big one's (i might be wrong)

    HD's i have no idea and have not seen anything in papers either
  4. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    P Lop T-boned a big truck that pulled out in front of him on his Electraguilde. On sunday night he was in critical condition with internal injuries. I have not heard today
  5. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Darn, that might be one maybe it was assumed a death.

    Sorry to hear that.
  6. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    The Owner of the truck is a sugar company and offered 150,000 to settle. The bike is totalled and Lop is in critical condition. Offer refused, and the Owner's response was so sue me. That is what is going to happen and you can bet the best Lawyer money can buy will be hired.

    The driver apparently said that he saw Lop coming and just wanted to cut him off - it is amazing that he walked away intact after that comment.
    There are witnesses to the Drivers comment so I suspect that the outcome of any lawsuit will be a foregone conclusion once it drags its way to the courts.

    Lop is Udon Thani hospital
  7. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Thanks Hog Head I will try to get over and check on him tomorrow.

    If you got a real name PM me Please.

    Hope the cops siezed the truck as evidence.

    Udon Hospital I beleive is the one by the Lake?
  8. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Always sad to hear of someone going down. All best wishes for a full recovery.

    Unbelievable comment and attitude from the truck driver. Hope they nail him to a wall, financially at least.
  9. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    The driver is lucky it's thailand and in this apect we are not. In California that man would be in jail right now facing a Felony charges.

    I will go to Udon Hospital amd check on him today. If his family is there I will say hello to them and let them know people are thinking of them. If he is in ICU I won't bother him. He needs his energy to heal.
  10. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Ok I tried to locate the guy this morning no luck, pretty hard without his actual name. I went to Udon Hospital nice people. But this is the Governemnt hopstial, to give yuo an idea just how busy it is. I had to park the bike three blocks away. I couldn't even bribre a guard for a parking space. As busy as they were they really tried contacted every ward in the hosptial by phone. No one that fit was in there. They tried to call AEK hospital, but were not getting much luck with that, on the phone not uncommon.

    So I went to AEK international office then didn't have anyone that fit either. Interestign they ahd gotten a call from a Danish Insurance Company trying to locate their insured. AEK didn't have him

    From AEK I got a list of all the hosptials in the Northeast and Nothern region. We tried to call Nung Bua Lampho hopital but with no name could not get any information.

    I will scan that list and post it in the future, but it's in Thai four page long so I can't translate it.

    Udon is lot bigger then most people realize five major hospitals here.

    I'm willing to go a little furthe in checking on him and his fanmily but without a correct name chasing shadows.
  11. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Ok we found him he says he doesn't need anything we will visit him tomorrow Udon Hospital Fourth floor. We were looking for a farrang and that is why we didn't find him. He is Thai from Chaing Mai. We will check on him so doesn't feel alone in this
  12. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Ok I met with the guy today, nice guy Wanlop Kruekweaw, the accident wasn't on the Nung Bua Lampho Highway, it was small secondary road. There is a short cut just before Erawan Cave that will by pass Loie and take you to Phu Ruea, good short cut. but, a narrow crap road. Better then a lot that we ride here though. He estimated his speed at 100 to 110. Truck cut him off and he hit it and yes the truck driver said he meant to cut him off. No translation problem the guy is Thai.

    He ended up wih two broken bones in his Pelvis has aready went through surgery. He was originally taken to Nung Bua Hosptial, they transfered him to Udon for he surgery. He has six days in the hospital left here. He is in the Surgery unit fourth floor. Man that hospital is a lot bigger then I thought it is not in the main building. He has six more days left here if you have a chance and someone who speaks Thai stop by, nice guy.

    From there he will be transfered to Chaing Mai. look like six month recovery.

    A few words about the hospital everyone we encountered on this visit was extremley nice. I wanted to get a photo and they have a Policy against it. So I was referred to the Doctor Sumate Munsongthum, who in turn asked the head nurse (smart man) and she said no. But he brought out the xrays and showed me the fractures. He also made drawings of the treatment. Wrote me out an explanation english. Let me tell you that is one busy place and they took the time so everyone knew this guy was going to be OK.

    Lop was really surprised that anyone would visit him, so if your in the area and can squeeze a few mins. out of yuor busy schedule he would appreciate a bit of company.

    Now that is how it was explained by translation to me from my wife. That a good as it get's around my house

    Guy looks good considering and in good spirits
  13. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Good on you Ray to go out of your way to check on the well being of a fellow biker! It's an honor to know you and I look forward to seeing you again at the Khon Kaen Bike Week.
    Happy Trails!
  14. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Agreed! Good job Ray.
  15. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Can't agree more.

    Well done Ray; there are'nt many people who would go out of their way to help others like you do.

    You truly are a "Revered Old Git".
  16. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Well I appreciate the kind comments, but I seem to remember a couple of guys who broke up their trip to come see me when I was down. It was appreciated and the least I can do is return the kindnest when the opportunity is there.

    HMMM!!!!! wonder who that was it Dougal and Marco, old git you know :wink:

    Truth is guys I get a lot more then I could ever give from the biker community.
  17. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Ray, thanks so much for being the prime example of a real biker !!! This is the attitude we need in our community, as Peter-Tony-Dave posted already !!! I hope the injured guy get's well with no permanent bad consequences and I also do hope that the truckdriver is befallen by all bad luck there is, starting now !!! Regards, Franz
  18. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    I'll check again on him Monday we got a buch of silly political stuff going on here this weekend I don't mind checking on him. But. I donl't want to be laying beside him :shock:

    He has my number if he needs anything it will have to wait until the red and yellow stop playing in the city tomorrow.
  19. beattheswiss

    beattheswiss Ol'Timer

    Hey Ray!

    I know many of us have said it before me (and more nicely, too!), but I must commend you on your compassion, spending so much time and energy looking for and after a fellow biker whom you didn't even know! Simply fantastic, man!

    Tell Lop we're all thinking of him in his agony and pain, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

    It's a true privilege to know you, Ray!
  20. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Actually Did the first day he was amazed that so many people had wihed him wll. But, I can say it again.

  21. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Good work alright. You've excelled yourself looking after a fellow biker whom you did not know.
    Send me your shirt size + postal address & I'll mail you a free GT Rider shirt.
  22. Meridian007

    Meridian007 Active Member

    That's the nicest thing I've seen anyone do for a while, good on you Ray!

    LOL!! Too true, too true. The same goes for my house.
  23. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Trust me Guys there are a lot of good guys out there. My trip to Mae Hong Son, my first guys were helping over the phone everyday.
  24. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Ok Biker helping Bikers, I'm not going to use any names here. But I got a Garmin 450 today new, with the power supply and handle bar mount, 12,600 baht.

    It has North America map in it, but another guy gave me the new version of the Thailand map, free. I will give this map to a guy who is taking a trip to the states.

    I told you I get a lot more then I give. Lots of good guys out there. So I will be in the cave a bit learning, now where was that on/off switch thingy

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