Sad case of affairs?

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  1. Did I miss something or is there nobody on this forum that actually competed or went to the Pai enduro last week?

    Ok, I only live 45 kilometers and I couldn't make it due to previous committments but surely somebody from GT rider must have gone?

    so many threads on here about courageous and intrepid dirt bike riding through the jungles of Mae Hong Son yet nobody at all seemed to have entered, competed or even mentioned anything about it except for Peterpai who helped arrange the whole thing!

    Come on guys....Lets get with it shall we...David, how about a GT rider team for next years Pai Enduro?
  2. There are riders and there are my age I now fall into the first category.

    Don't throw stones if you also didn't go....... Personally I was not much for standing around in the dust and heat catching a glimpse of some motorcycles going by. Pai is bad enough when there is not an event going on. When there is, I avoid it like the plague.
  3. I will have to go with SilverHawk on this one. Great to Ride around but alot of us are not getting any Younger or don't have the Machinery to Race, also Hard enough to Breath with the Smoke let alone the Dust!!! In the Misfortune of an Accident the Ride from Pai to a decent Hospital in Chiang Mai on the Back of a Pick up doesn't appeal to me either. I have enough Aches and Pains including my Back! There are a few Top class riders amongst us (two Spring to mind) but most are just content to Ride and enjoy the views. Maybe next time we can arrange a Team, I will be in the Spectators Team.
    Cheers Ian.
  4. Dave,

    2 replies both mentioning heat and dust! Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here for the organisers? (if possible) make the event happen around November time in the cool season! I gotta agree with both of you that watching or competing in the hot season doesn't sound appealing.

    I wasn't "throwing stones" Dave, I just couldn't make it as it fell at the same time as we were opening our new bar but I believe people from the forum did compete. I used to compete in enduros and MX when I was in my 20's but found I was a danger to myself and other. My competetive streak made me do things my body, experience or bike was never capable of! Now I'm in my 40's the thought of racing through the jungles compared to sitting with a cool beer under a sun shade seems more appealing. However, the Pai enduro is a fun event with loads of classes where you will find champion riders on CRF 450's all the way down to Standard stock Honda dreams ridden by riders with simply a half face helmet! We dont need to be superstars.

    What I was getting at was...Peter (Pai Enduro Team) and Nop have been working hard over the last couple of years to make this event happen and as GT_Rider is the most active and well known motorcycle site in Thailand maybe a few more can get together and get up a team in the name of Fun? (Cool sason perffered). Count me in! Any other takers? For the spectators what better fun can you have in watching your mates make fools of themselves in the jungles while quaffing a beer or 4?

    I notice this topic as fired me forward into the 'Average Member' Category! I would like to thank my family who were behind me and believed in me all the way and most of all I thank Buddha for giving me belief in myself. I couldn' have done it without them!
  5. MBT-

    Couldn't agree with you more. Congratulations on your upgrade !!!
  6. Andy, Dave, Ian et all,

    Whilst I am an "advanced member" on this board I put that down to being an over-active bullsh*tter! When it comes to offroad riding, those who have ridden with me in the past could pretty well guarantee carnage if I was to attempt to race [:)].

    Got room for one more under the sun shade with a few tinnies? [;)]


  7. Nice one Jeff! Shooting straight from the hip!

    So, we got another taker for beers under the brolly! Right were starting to get there then? What we need to do to get this off the ground is find a decent sponsor...I think Honda, Maxis, Progrip maybe out of the question so maybe schedule meetings with Singha, Chang or maybe "sillybait"? It's a very profitable fishing bait maufacturer in England that also manufacture 50 inch umbrellas!

    Are you still in Blightly Jeff? I was Watching the Liverpool v Arsenal match the other night in the extreme heat over here sweating like a peadophile in a playground. The British weather looked to me at the time very very appealing!
  8. Its not somethng you want to go saying to someone working for Unicef. I wont be doing that again!

    On a serious note however, maybe we shouldn't expand on the playground thing or it could get sticky!
  9. I just got back into town however I'm with MBT on this. I'd love to think about giving it a go however the reality is i'm too slow, old, and accident prone on normal trail rides. Additional speed is the last thing this body needs. With a different look on it though we the Geritol brigade could make something of it.

    However I do think we should enter a GT Rider team to support Peter and for hoots and hollers. If they offer it at a cooler time of year we could put a few riders together as a laugh. Our team motto could be centered around "masters of the causual pace" or Team "never on the main jet", with the sole intention of using the thing as nothing more than an organised trail ride. If Peter and Nop are laying out the route then the trails should be good fun.
  10. Ok, we all seem to agree the time of the year for racing in the jungle sucks! So, if there is a change from Hot to cool season we should be able to get a roudy group of riders that suck at riding as much as the weather to amble around the track! If not lets get group up together to support the riding (while clutching a few tinnies) then after the event we can all head off into the jungle to have our own little competition?

    Whether we compete or not if we get our heads together we could make a fun time of this!

    Thanks Big & Tall for your tentative support!

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