Sad Loss Of A Friend And Fellow Isaan Biker

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  1. I am very sad to have to report that Khun Tan, the Chairman of Khon Kaen Rider Committee and a substantial Khon Kaen business man, was killed yesterday on his FJR motorcycle whilst on a trip to Loei.
    He leaves a young family and many other close relatives and I wish to convey the heartfelt condolences and sympathy of the GT rider community to all close to him.
    I have no details to report, so please do not ask. He becomes another sad statistic of this dangerous holiday time on Thai roads. Let us pray and take care as we can to avoid any further painful losses.
  2. Sorry to hear that news John. Always difficult to hear of the passing of a rider, especially a fellow FJR pilot. My sincere condolences to his friends and relatives.
  3. Sad to Hear John, My Sympathy to Him and all His Family and Friends left behind!
  4. Oh wow! I remember him. That's terrible! Condolences to his friends and family. RIP Khun Tan.
  5. Khun Tan is now in Wat Nong Waeng, the nine story temple near Bueng Kaen Nakhon and people can go and pay respects.
    The funeral commences on Saturday a18.00hrs. His mother has asked that bikers who wish to attend dress respectfully and do not bring their bikes within the walls of the Wat. There is plenty of parking room on the wide road outside.
    It seems that the accident occurred early evening between Chumpae and Loei. Khun Tan and a few other bikers were either off to attend or had attended a bike party in Loei. An unlit farm vehicle pulled into the carriageway with no warning.
    Khun Tan had no chance to see the dark vehicle and the accident occurred.
    Dark is dangerous.
    I will ride down to Khon Kaen leaving Saturday morning at 07.00am and will stay in KK Saturday night, returning to Nan on Sunday and CM on Monday or Tuesday.
  6. So Sad to hear that, I know him for many yrs alrady and what a nice gentleman he was,, John Pass my sadness while you are in there as I cant come yet (because my accident)
    Also, when you know where he is going to be put on in the temple, can you let me know so i can go and visit him when i will be in KK next time.

    I'M So sad mood here also
  7. Very sad condolences .
  8. I have amended my post above regarding the funeral arrangements. i assumed 06.00 was morning but it is actually 06.00pm or 18.00hrs, so I will now ride down on Saturday.

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