Sad news from Mae Chaem

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  1. Many of us know the charminc taff lady Nisa from the finnish/thai resort Navasoung in Mae Chaem. No I was informed from her husband Heiki, that she is going to die by cancer within the next weeks. We are very sorry about this much to early end. We became good friends in the last 13 years and celebrated the daughter´s wedding 2 years ago.
    On tuesday, the 7th feb. she´ll fly to her hometown Rayong and go into their families Wat for praying.
    Good bye Khun Nisa, we will miss you very much.
  2. Yes sad news indeed. I got it from Heiki last night as well.
    It was only a few months ago that I last saw Nisa & everything was normal as far as I knew, so it was quite a shock to hear.
    I wish Heiki all the best for the future.
  3. Khun Nisa passed away last night. RIP.
    Deepest sympathy to Heiki & family at Navasoung.
  4. R.I.P. She was a Wonderful Host to Us the few times We stayed there! I Wish all the Best to Her Family!
  5. So sad, we are very very sad. We visited her in the Hospital before she was leaving to the south. She was so strong and hopeful, that we thought maybe she survives and stay. We talked about 1 hour. I was monday the sixt of february, her 51st birthday. We´re so sorry. We crying. Nisa, Good bye. We miss you very much. RIP. We wish the best to Heiki and the family. I will go to the Navasoung next week.

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