Safe clothes and good luck.

Oct 6, 2005
Many times I saw motorbike riders with low clothes and cheep helmet etc. I think they dont know what they do.
I had a very hard and bad crash 5 days ago in Phonsaly. A crazy Jeepdriver shot me from the road. I m very lucky that I weare clothes from daines and motocross bootes and ab brand new Schuberth helmet. I m ok now but my body have now very nice colours. My friends behind me thougt I m still diing. [xx(]
Now im a lucky man with broken protectors in my jacket incl. some holes, a damged 500 US $ helmet, defectet glooves a scratched bootes. But the bike was ok. The driver fled the scene same Thailand always. [}:)]
Dont forget the risk is always high. [B)]

Mar 15, 2003

Glad to hear you are OK. I too was saved by a good jacket and helmet last year. My only injury was a sprained ankle because we were on an "easy ride" and I didn't wear my boots. Now I try to wear boots and the rest of my gear always. See topic "My own stupidity" if anyone needs a reminder Link removed Hope the rest of your trip is better.

Dave Early

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