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  1. I have recently became true believer :lol:

    Is there one that is not hot as can be and where can you find them.

    I have a rather hot version now can't wear it in the heat. I have only managed to use twice. Winter my leathers are just fine.
  2. Hi Ray,
    I guess what you are looking for is a jacket with armour in the impact zones, but also good ventilation. I bought my Richa jacket in the UK, it has two removable liners, one for water and one for warmth. It is well ventilated if you take them both out, but last few weeks the warm liner has been in most of the time. There are similar jackets over here.
    I have seen two places in Udon, One shop has a very large cardboard box full of well priced jackets and trousers, I think the guy is called Jimmy, Thai guy, if you go down past the Irish Clock, away from the Udon night and day end toward the main road, it is a few meters on your right, next to a shop with Tuk Tuks in. I am sure you will know it.
    The other place is a clean well set out shop with some nice clothing, called Tech 21 shop, Thai guy speaks English, called Keak, his phone no is 0895725656. I have been to the shop but cannot give you directions.
    Not much here in Khon kaen, Bangkok certainly has a few shops with what you want.
  3. Bouhgt the original one fom Jimmie he has moved by the way across from the Wolverine ago go, yes we still have one left in Udon :lol:

    I'll give the other a try thanks
  4. Thanks for letting me know that Jimmie has moved. Unfortunately no idea where Wolverine Go Go is, when ever anyone has mentioned Udons only Go Go bar they have always said ' don't bother';; so I have'nt
  5. It ( wolverine) might be on Udon map I don't know. They didn't lie to you LOL

    If you want to go to Jimmies give me a call there is no way I can write directions for it.

    PS: Can yuo set me up a room for the bike week, one way or another I will be there. The one we talked about sounded fine to me.
  6. There about $147 here but they are hot at least the ones I have seen, Poi ha a red and whate one that she wears when I's hot. But she is Thai they wear jackets all summer to keep from getting dark.

    I have actually thought about makeing something likle a shirt where I could just put pockets in and the slide in the devices. No clue what materal.

    From the jackets that I have looke at it's really the arms and back that needs the protection. I have a ci ut on my right arm from the leathers I think tha was from s zipper I had a long sleve shirt on when that hapened. A ver small amount of road rash from friction I suppose. No tears in the coat can't even tell it was in an accident.

    If I knew what material I could probably get made for 500 baht. I have a lady who makes my shirts custom for 200 now. I end up with really nice shirts for 400 baht and less.
  7. Hi Ray

    I have had similar thoughts and wondered what to do for the best. Summer here in New Zealand (Norhland) is pretty hot and I am also planning what to wear in Thailand in June.

    Firstly i have a 'Cordura' jacket. This is fully waterproof and has armour in the elbows and shoulders, plus a small kidney armour too. The problem with this is that it is hot in warm weather.What I have now done is bought a body armour jacket which is basically a 'lycra' waistcoat then has all the armour attached to it. It is fully adjustable once on and fits really well.

    This gives me the choice to wear it over maybe a long sleeved 'T' shirt in good weather. I can also take the minimal armour out of my Cordura jacket and wear it over the top of the armour in wet and cold weather.

    In wet and warm weather I am anticipating the armour underneath a simple waterproof jacket or cape of some sort.

    yesterday I went for a burn around the Forestry tracks here and just had the armour and T shirt, was wonderful. No pockets though.

    The sort I bought is shown here on this link. ... 695792.htm
  8. Quote "PS: Can yuo set me up a room for the bike week, one way or another I will be there. The one we talked about sounded fine to me."

    Hi Ray, Room reserved for Friday 20th and Saturday 21st. Khon Kaen bike week. We have a ride out on the Saturday, should be a good one Please let me know by email if you want only one night. Cheers John
  9. No two is fine I have in prison to long LOL
  10. Have u considered a cooling jacket to wear under your airflow. I got one from and it was the best 90 dollars I ever spent. These jackets absorb water then release it as evaporation to keep body temperature down and work very well in the extreme heat we get over here. The website explains them in detail but believe me they work and are a fine piece of kit. They ship worldwide but easiest is to have them delivered if u have a friend in the US who can bring them out.
  11. Ray 23 said:
    I have actually thought about makeing something likle a shirt where I could just put pockets in and the slide in the devices.

    Same thoughts Ray... Maybe we can set up a factory? :lol:

    True! But where to purchase the armor in simple pieces?..
    No clue about that.

    On an other way, I find on armored mesh jackets model K17, K22, K23 from the chinese brand SCOYCO... Some particular sells them at attractive prices, but for sure impossible to know the fitting... And can I trust a "particular", sending him money?..

  12. Well I looked up the site the following report on usage is the one that got my attention, Because the humidty and heat there is similiar to Thailand I think this is worth a try.

    "We headed out for Florida Sun morn at 9 AM It was nice and cool but by noon we were well into mid Alabama and stopped for lunch on Highway 231. At that time the temp was showing 90 degrees on the bike thermo. After lunch it was near 95 degrees and no clouds evident. I had put the VEST in the big plastic bag before leaving Ditto Campground and merely removed it, rung it out, and donned it. What an amazing product! I do not know how I lived without one of these! The remainder of the ride to Panama City was so comfortale and even though the temp was near 96 when we hit Dothan, I was cool and comfortable. Thanks so much for coming to the Chicken Rally and offering your products. I'll take it to work at the port and show-and-tell it. Maybe I can drum up some mail orders for you?

    Take care and thanks again. You have a very satisfied customer.
    May 2008 "
  13. Both myself and Ian Bungy recently purchased this stuff: ... &cPath=121

    Supposed to offer the highest level of CE approved protection. Seems well made, fits snug, easy to adjust and they were offering a 10% discount to ADVRider forum members which I managed to get negotiated for GT-Riders too when I ordered for myself & Bungy.

    I've not crash tested my kit yet but it does seem substantial and has a removable back protector. I've taken the regular armour out of my mesh jacket and were it over the body kit and plan to wear just a MX shirt over it when things heat up. The only negative is that when you stop for a break and take your jacket off, you look like some kind of Star Wars Jedi reject. ;-)

    Independant review can be found here: ... ernaut.htm


  14. Well it certainly looks like it would do the job, seems to me I saw something like this at the Phantom shop here in Udon.

    I'm in the process of getting the cool vest worth try at that cost.

    Yep dark Vader :lol:
  15. Well I found my coat a Joerocket from the states, pretty flashy but light colors that reflect sunlight. Air flow is good as is the protection

    Found it in the Phantom shop in Udon. Just in time for Udon Bike weeks ride on Saturday, it's getting hot. Have a cool vest on order so I should be good to go.

    One of the riders on our list brought them from the states and have them at the shop on cosignment. Which is what I'm going to do with XXXL one that doesn't fit since I lost 22 Kilos. That one is actually a dry rider.

    This losing weight can get expensive :shock:

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