"saints Of Soul" - Chiang Mai Biker Show

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    Last night (8th December) I attended the "Saints of Soul" biker event.
    An annual event, which has been running for many years.

    My initial thoughts is that last year had a bigger variety of bikes (this year was very Harley themed). Also last year had more interactive fun stuff, plus interesting monster trucks etc. This year had a lot more selection for foodies though (which my stomach was happy about!)

    Bike-wise there was a mix of modern and classic (including classic cars).

    Several small interesting stalls selling old bike parts and some gear clothing stalls.

    Entertainment-wise there were the usual "pretties" on bikes.
    "Biker Chicks" group were there also.

    The DJ was great, but not the usual kind of music you would normally associate with a bike show. Lots of funky tunes. Loved it, but not so sure if the crowd did (mainly biker club/Harley riders).

    Later Thai acts, such as Big Ass, took to the stage. Which, although great music, didnt get me out of my seat and dancing like last years classic rock (sung by "Knight", (The Voice Thailand) and his band "The Black Rock Band". His operatic rock voice is phenomenal).

    Talking of music, there was the normal conflicting sounds..such as MC's, music at stalls, and the main stage. But you have to come to these events knowing that will happen and deal with it (or wear earplugs). I do not see the point in being overly negative about these kinds of events. We get to enjoy them for free and a lot of work goes into putting them together.

    On a personal level, last year for me was the best year so far, so it raised the bar and my expectations, despite me always aiming to take it each year as it comes.

    This year still had a huge turn out and lots of happy people.

    Bumped into several GT Rider forum members and local members of the biking community.

    Thanks to the organisers.


    Links to my videos/info of previous years:

    2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThZH5GNz5qE

    2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJDsgt5mqPk&t

    2014: http://motogirlthailand.com/moto-event-real-custom-biker-s…/

    2013: http://motogirlthailand.com/moto-event-real-custom-biker-s…/
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