Saiyok Kanchanaburi - Wet And Wild

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  1. G'day all.
    Short video of our ANZAC weekend ride around kanchanburi. After the two days riding we attended the dawn service at hell fire pass and the service at the cemetery in kanchanaburi town.

    We rode some tracks a friend showed me a few years back. Up to the army camp on the border then followed a trace from Google earth seeing how close we could make it to pilok by dirt.

    Photos to follow.
  2. 'Beware of wild elephant'... What a classic. Great video Brian.
    You and that KLX are unstoppable.

  3. Another great vid, Thanks Brian.
  4. Welcome to the forum.
    Look forward to seeing posts from your adventures on the versys.
  5. Will take some time as i am start slowly.
    Till now driving around my area. The longest trip i made till now was last weekend when i drove to Korat.
    Just to see how it feels.

    Meanwhile i can post some pic's from bike week here if there is some interest.
  6. Me too.
    Was very sad that i have to sell it.

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