Sakon Nakhon to Chiang Mai.

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  1. Started off early morning.


    From Kusuman on Highway 22 to Mueng Sakon Nakhon, past Nong Han lake.


    Then carried on to Udon. Not much between Sakon and Udon. A lot of sugar cane trucks


    and the Ban Chiang World Heritage Site.


    Round the ring road in Udon on to the 201 to Nong Bua Lamphu, the roads and scenery start getting a lot better on the 201 up to Wang Saphung and Loei.


    On to the 203 from Loei to Phu Ruea and Dan Sai.




    Can't remember where that photo was taken?

    2013 to Nakhon Thai . 1143 up to Chat Trakan.

    A reminder what can happen.

    On to Thong Saen Khan to join up with Highway 11 and straight up to Chiang Mai. Started pissing down near Lampang which I thought was a bit strange for February? The Milometer on the bike said 524 miles for the trip. I did take some photos but they are poor quality, I had some problems with the camera. The 2 main ones being all the menus were in Thai and I didn’t know what I was doing. I will stick them up any way.
    I had to go to Yamaha for a recall on the FJR and 2 new R1s just arrived.


    One was black and the other was the anniversary colours. 40,000B extra, 10 in Thailand, 9 in Bangkok and this one was destined for Loei. Yamaha have been able to reduce their prices this year due to the FTA and the Yen. The standard R1 is 790,000B and the one above is 830,000B. Think he said the new FZ-8 was going to be 480,000B.
  2. Thanks for the report and pics Jim. It was good to see you up in Chiang Mai again. I think the unknown picture is found In Dan Sai, a couple of hundred meters, on the LHS after you have made the right turn at the infrequently active lights, onto the Nakon Thai road, the 2013.
  3. Likewise John, always good to get up for a decent pint of Guinness. Sounds about right for that unknown picture, plenty of locals there. Same, same as always Colin, where are you these days?
  4. How's the KLX working out?
  5. Good to hear your happy with the KLX, been thinking about one myself.

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