Salavan to Plin.

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  1. GPS Track Name:- Salavan – Plin.

    GPS Track Recorded by:- Moto-Rex

    Start :- Salavan

    End:- Plin

    Way Points:- Salavan, Two Bombed out Vietnam War Bridges, ferry turn off, turn off for main track on HWY15, Plim.

    Date :- December 2012

    Season :- Cool

    Conditions :- First section to first bombed bridge sandy. After that everything you can imagine. There’s a 20 km section in the middle were the track has slippery, steep, narrow, rocky parts, as well as first gear single trail with deep ruts. I wouldn’t ride this track in the wet season, or if there is any sign of rain. Even in the dry season its wet due to the thickness of the jungle.

    Link to trip report :-

    Other comments you would like to add:- I wouldn’t ride this on my own, its the middle of no where. There are a lot of tricky sections, and unless you’ve done a lot of trail riding, I wouldn’t attempt it.


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  2. Did this track last year. Hard enough on your own in the dry season.

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