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    Benelli BN600 – 2013 model with only 10,615 km. Benelli has opened new shops in several cities and is making an ingress into the Thailand biking community. The engine was designed for the Asian market, being more robust. Bike is in excellent shape, has some cosmetic additions. Comes with Shad top box and Givi side boxes for additional storage, all of which are removable. Mounting frames for boxes were shipped from Italy and the UK and are quite strong. I also have original hand grabs. This is a 4-cylinder bike with twin Ixil underseat exhausts. It runs and sounds great, allowing you to tour or carve some twisties. Throttle is sensitive. Not a low end torque bike, it likes to rev, but is easy to handle around town, and lights up after 8000rpm. A few very small blemishes as expected on a used bike. Price is 209,000 baht. If interested, please send a PM. Test rides only if cash and/or passport is on hand.


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