Sale motorbike Honda Win 100cc (Vietnamese registration)

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    Sale motorbike Honda Win 100cc (Vietnamese registration)

    I'll finish my journey through SE-Asia at the end of february. So, It’s time to be separate with my lovely Honda Win 100cc. I sell it with a new helmet, a big bag rack, bungees straps, a raincover and few wrenches you should need for minor fixes.

    The motorbike is registered in Vietnam so you should be able to ride it through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The bike comes with the blue registration card (with matching number plate, chassis number and engine number),

    Honda Win is perfect to ride long distance and discover the wonderful SE-Asia. I had the pleasure of driving during almost 3 months and almost 4500km with this motorcycle and it has never broken. The past owner changed the engine for $150 few weeks before selling me. To be sure to ride in the safest conditions, I fixed few secondary parts and I spent about $100 on new parts, since I bought it in november 2014.

    I changed this for new :
    - all the electrical circuit with a new commutator, a new alternator, a new starter and a new battery
    - all the rear wheel (new rim, bearings, brake pads, shield, bearings…) except the tire

    I also recently repaired the clutch (the outer clutch and one plate) and the gear pedal.

    I'm selling it for $300. I'll be around Siem Riep till 1st of march.

    If you're interested, thanks contact me.

    Email: [email protected]
    WhatsApp : +33633392942

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