Sanity ride


Oct 14, 2005
This one turned out to be much more then intended, the idea was to just get out of the house and explore a few roads close in that we hadn't been on yet. Turned right on the main road in front of First Homes. Poking around in a few roads that ended very quickly. Took what looked like a main road, normally these loop back into Udon. Saw a paved road not in the best condition, but driveable at least on a bike. When I do these it's not about speed anyway it's about exploring, so dodging the pot holes goes with the territory. The road is headed back to our left towards Udon so hey won't be that long anyway. 1 & 1/2 hours later we find a sign Udon 38 KMS, this one didn't loop. Ended up 14 KMS out of Udon on the Nong Khai highway, how that happened I don;t have clue.

Passed through some really small villages some with maybe 30 people the amazing thing was I must have seen 40 drunk driver check points today even the little villages had them. Wasn't stopped at any. Ended the day with that roast beef dinner that I had promising myself at the Irish Clock. all and all a good cabin fever relief and a plaesant outing to end the year with.

Contrary to popular belief there is very little traffic on these roads and you don't suck up exhaust fumes all day They can be challenging but not in a insane way. This was actually as the crow flies very close into Udon and many places were not rice fields they were jungles.

I could find this route again but I seriously doubt I could explain to anyone how to get there. You small bikeowners these are good rides for you guys, not about speed at all.