Sankamphaeng - Mae On Hot Springs

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    Sippa Hot Springs Resort

    28 rai of beautiful grounds



    big enough to put a smile on anyone's face + to need a bicycle to get round or even get lost in coming back late at night.

    The open air hot spa

    The aircon bungalows





    the bathroom

    & the huge tub with hot water off the spring

    Location out in Mae On, next to the Roong Aroon Hot springs & behind the public Sankamphaeng Hot springs.
    Phone: 053317249
    We booked via Expedia & the final cost ended up being 2,500 baht for the night, including breakfast.
    The restaurant closes at 8-9PM.
    Massage was available after 7Pm, which sort of messes up dinner, so we opted for a couple of hours soaking in the tub, then hit the Mae On steak house for an enjoyable evening.

    2,500 baht a lot of money for me, but yes I would do it again.

    Has anyone spent a night at either the Roong Aroon Resort, or even the upmarket On Sen hot spring Resort?

    Where to eat in Mae On.
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    The official Royal Project Sankamphaeng Hot Springs
    GTR - IMG_1433.JPG
    San Kamphaeng Hot Springs - Sankambheng, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Picnic Ground | Facebook

    They have a variety of bungalows - aircon / TV / Fridge

    300 baht for an hour if you want a private soak in the tub in your own bungalow
    GTR - IMG_1491.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1493.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1496.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1497.JPG

    If youre visiting the hot springs as a day trip, the 300 baht bungalow is the way to go

    Or 1,0000 baht a night for a bungalow with a big tub

    The farang size 1,000 baht a night bungalow
    GTR - IMG_1441.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1444.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1445.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1446.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1448.JPG
    GTR - IMG_1449.JPG

    A good sized tub for people with bigger bodies
    GTR - IMG_1450.JPG

    Small rooms with smaller baths for Thai people
    GTR - IMG_1458.JPG

    Should you choose to over night there is a nice restaurant serving very good tasty food. ( I went back a 2nd time for a bite to eat.)
    GTR - IMG_9657.JPG
    the restaurant has a nice view over looking the gardens
    GTR - IMG_9669.JPG
    GTR - IMG_9660.JPG

    A superb yam takrite salad & a som tam for the GF
    GTR - IMG_9668.JPG
    Highly recommended.

    San Kamphaeng

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