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  1. Ok I see on the calendar there is a Saraburi bike week this coming weekend. Any ides where besides Saraburi? I will make this run if I can get more info on it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Dan :?
  2. Hey Dan,
    From what I've heard ,there is a bike event on this weekend and the following weekend at/in Saraburi. I will try to find out more info asap

  3. Hi FB / Dan,
    A few of our members and I will be heading there... If possible - lets meet up. Most of the members have their company x-mas parties that weekend, so going in low numbers (lol).. A few other MC's might be joining the ride to there from our place (Nakon Nayok)...

    PM me if interested...
  4. Hey FB! Wanted to say it was great to finally meet up (had a slow ride home sunday) too much fun..... Keep in touch! For those that missed the Black Angels party - was great!

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