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  1. Hi Dave, Tom, Rudi and any others who might recognise the old black XXR1100 aka ZX11 that is sometimes seen smoking up Moonmuang Road (and any other road for that matter)in Chiang Mai.

    Just a quick note to say gidday and inform you that there are a lot of shot up buildings and a number of big road bikes over here in Sarajevo. Oh yes, and the girlies, I thought there was no such thing as a good looking European female, that was a big mistake. They say the ratio is 7 to 1 women to blokes. [8D] Isn't war a wonderful thing!! That'll get a comment or 2.

    Missing home but I guess I'll survive.
  2. Thatb was ZZR1100, one too many red wines.
  3. Ian
    Ah yes Slavic women, not bad at all from memory. Some of my cousins back home in Perth are a bit alright too.
    in Cnx did you sell the ZZR or not? If so, who's got it now?
    I'm in Vientiane right now - 2 days or rain coming over from Chiang Mai. Real greasy roads with no heavy rain. Even managed to get my bike in across the bridge without a plate - so what was all the fuss a few months ago? Should be back in Cnx in about 10 days, bald rear tyre & greasy roads depending....

    Keep the power on
  4. Hi again Dave,
    No mate, the bike's not for sale anymore, just wouldn't be worth selling it as it owes me a bloody fortune and since Joe and Tom managed to make one good engine out of the C & D engines I am having a rejuvenated love affair with it. It is going like it did a long time ago, real smooth and a clean gear-box with no little surprises when you least expect them. Guess they're not meant to rev out beyond 12,500 rpm seeing as the redline is at 11,500. Anyway I'll see how it takes me to screw this one. Sounds a bit like the women in my life. If you get a chance ask Joe or Tom about Ohlins compression adjustment hydraulic lines and rear tyres.

    Do you mean to say the Africa Twin did the trip you just described? Bald tyres and all? By the way, the experts in the UK, where I just spent 5 weeks, are raving about the Pirelli Diablo's for sports and sport tourers, beats everything else handsdown.

    Just spent another 4 hours downtown drinking red wine and eating veal and feasting the eyes on the local talent, I did forget that you were a wog from these parts, you ain't as pretty as the girls here mate.

    I guess I'll have to endure the next 2-3 months before the Thai season starts. Ho-hum.

    Catch ya, Ian.

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