Sartso Kevlar jeans clearance!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by DaRider, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Hello forum!

    I stumbled across this while goofing around the web. I own a pair of Sartso pants since earlier and been looking for a good deal for some more every now and then.

    These pants are made the way i'd like everything to be made, SOLID! Beside the selection of materials and craftsmanship, there is also the way they are lined with kevlar. Unlike many other brands that have some little floppy patches of kevlar here and there, these are pretty much lined from the hip down to below the knees, and its stitched in with the construction of the pants, this is what made me go for them.


    So finding these on clearance for 50% or less did get the shopping germ going a bit, and i now have two new pairs on the way.

    Here are the link to the official Sartso Aussie webshop

    Check availability before ordering though, or you can end up ordering something thats out of stock even if its listed as available, happened to me..
    Email links to the really helpful folks are at the bottom of their front page

    Also, do check their sizing charts closely!! Their sizing translates to something else in waist, and this varies between different models too, a lot. Do check!

    I ended up getting mine from e-bay (where the prices was even less!) and got two pairs including shipping for less than one pair standard price..:)

    Here's the link to the e-bay page i found mine.

    You folks with Aussie connections should be in luck if you have someone to order and resend for you :)

    I just had to share this, hope it helps.

    Happy hunting!

    Edit;... Seems that something happened withe the pic, trying again..
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    Have a pair of Sartso jeans and while they fortunately haven't been tested in any mishaps they're comfortable and seem to be well made.

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