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  1. Rigsy

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    Afdter spending 14 hours in my workshop today I realise that satisfaction could be defined as the following: 1. Breaking three 10mm bolts off with not enough sticking out to undo. Then using Chinese/Thai easyouts and suceeding in removing the snapped bolts. Then to my amazement the Chinese/Thai made taps and die set actually worked and I will now wake up tomorrow and be able to continue my work. I am absolutely gobsmakked that these tools have worked. At the end of the day I sat down and really, really enjoyed my beer.

    Satisfied Rigsy
  2. ianyonok

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    I read about a little trick recently. You may know this already but it was new to me. In order to get the drill aligned in the centre of the broken bolt, you may be able to use a drill guide plate. Any piece of steel at least 3mm thick will do. If you have bolt holes nearby (not blocked), drill some holes in your plate to attach the guide plate in position, with a hole correctly positioned in the plate, to drill through into the broken bolt stub right in the middle. Sounds good in theory....
  3. Rigsy

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    thanks for that, allthough I reckon nothing beats patience. Unfortunately a drill guide could not be used in this case but it is a method that definately works .I was just surprised that all worked out okay. Usually I spend all day in my workshop only to have at least one annoying broken bit, yet this day was f**!! up free and therefore .....Satisfaction.

    Cheers Rigsy
  4. pseacraft

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    I am equally amazed that your easyouts and tap-n-die set worked! :shock: I have had nothing but extreme joy from breaking the wonderful potmetal! Luckily, I have some good tools that I brought from overseas. Still adding o my "imported" tool collection.

    Enjoy the Beer and maybe make that day a personal holiday because the odds are against it happening again! :D

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