Save Fuel Ride A Horse to Work in Thailand?

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  1. If you think you've heard it all in Amazing Thailand...... ... 4-full.jpg


    BANGKOK, June 13 (TNA) – Thailand's Interior Ministry is turning back the pages of history, encouraging provincial district chiefs nationwide to ride horseback to work as part of an imaginative range of measures to save energy to fight skyrocketing oil prices, according to permanent secretary for Interior Pongpayom Wasaputi.

    At a monthly meeting with provincial governors nationwide via teleconference, Mr. Pongpayom said the ministry has drawn up a policy to save energy during the oil price crisis including the use of horses for local transportation of local officials.

    Provincial district chiefs were encourage the travel from home to work by horseback, he said, adding that if any district chief preferred this plan, he could ask for assistance from the ministry.

    Other measures proposed at the meeting included loans provided by the ministry for personnel who wanted to install Natural Gas for Vehicle (NGV) tanks in their cars, he said.

    Comment: Who are these guys?
  2. Another benefit is that unlike a motorcycle ...when a horse breaks down and dies you can eat it.
  3. As long they manage to fit a BMW or Benz logo somehow on the horse head it could work...

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