Saw some incredibly cheap Tiger bikes adveritzed - like <

Discussion in 'Tiger / Sachs Motorcycles in Thailand' started by hs0zfe, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Can't read Thai and am afraid to share the link :oops:

    There's a Sachs MadAss on Baht & Sold for THB 21,000 less with under 300 km on the clock. But it would be too low for a city bike. :(
    I'm tired of crams in calves and as high as the pelvis region. Had my share on a Honda NTV 650 shaft drive (here aka Bros).

  2. Well, isn't the MadAss pretty cheap to begin with?
  3. Hi tony,
    The Sachs Madass 125XX is 619000 thb new ....not particular a low price for a new bike , but i guess it's worth for a very special looking bike with german engineering behind.

  4. ooops :oops: thats right, it is "only" 61900 thb

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