Saw some trail riders yesterday at Khao Kheow who were they?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by mikerust, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Just curious. Yesterday saw a reasonably large mixed Thai /foreigner group, 12-ish, trail riding guys at Khao Kheow anyone know who they were.
  2. G'day Mike,

    You get quite a good bunch of people through there.. Especially on a Sunday.

    Bumped in to some Thai guys more than once riding around the trails in Khao Khiew.

    If you are up for a ride some time.. PM me your contact details.
    Or we post rides on Bangkok Weekend Warriors Face Book and GTR..

    I am itching to get back on those trails as soon as my pickup is back from repairs.
    If you would like to join.. ping me.. can fit two bikes in the pickup.

  3. Sorry Brian I don't have a trail bike. Or yet maybe? :neutral: I was running there on Sunday saw a mixed group of guys no trucks though where they stopped by the dam. They simply road out on the regular road. Maybe from Pattaya?

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