Sbk 2018 Races Buriram


Sep 21, 2016
This was my first time going to a motorcycle race in Thailand although I've been to many back in the US. I was surprised that the track was as large as it was and access to parking and the grandstands, etc. was very well managed.

I started out in Pattaya, this was my first trip north, I usually go either to Sihanoukville, Cambodia or Koh Chang. Those are my two favorite destinations so this was my first time heading into Central Thailand. I started out about 7:00 AM so I wouldn't have to ride so long during the hottest part of the day and the ride from Pattaya to Buriram took six hours. It was a lot of fun hanging out in Buriram with the other motorcycle riders and going to the races. My hotel was only about a fifteen minute ride from the track so everything worked out great.

A couple of years ago I enquired about the best earbuds to use while riding and most riders were divided about whether it was the right thing to do, most thought that riding a bike was dangerous enough and with the earbuds you wouldn't be able to hear traffic. Someone suggested Shure SE215 as the best fit for underneath a tight fitting full face helmet and that's what I bought. I was amazed, the GPS directions were perfect and I never had to take my phone out to look at the map once and I also enjoyed listening to the music while I was riding. It probably is a little more dangerous but I really enjoyed hearing my favorite music on the fairly long ride, I will definitely use my earbuds for my next trip also.

To wrap it up, I had a great time and I really enjoyed watching the races, so much that I have already made reservations for the MotoGP race in October.