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  1. Got the scala head set working today some simple direction did it turn out it has to be noisey for it to work since it's sit up for a bike.

    The next thing to find out is if the Zumo 450 will talk to the head set using Chater Box Blue toothe adapter. The 450 is set up to plug into a hard wired system theory is this will work we will find out I know the 550 will. not sure about this but time will tell.

    Strange to try to follow the directions talks about paring up the head set and GPS and gives directions nut the directions are for the 550. Which is done throuhg the GPS.

    Guess I really won't know till I plug in and take a ride with the GPS.

    The adapter says just plug it in so that what I will do :lol:

    Now where is that on/off switch :shock:
  2. Well that didnlt work LOL I know it ha voice sit up for a hard wired system even had th voiulmne control but it' taling to head set. Anybody got an ideas. The 450 also ha a music section so i know it should be talking and playing music. Maybe I will end up wih a hard wried system. THad my first try with the GPS today had a ball ended up going though very strange places cause I had it shortest route. Next time I will try the fastest.

    Had me on some dirt roads all of which were in good condition, but you would never find them on a map.

    Even if I never get it to talk I' happy with the GPS gives you plenty of warning for turns with just a glance. tried gettin it lost a few times it get real insistent when you that LOL

    Show you that your off course even when dirt road spilt up is you go the wrong direction Cool
  3. Glad your getting some good mileage out of the Zumo. I really enjoy mine and am glad I got it. Saved my tail one day in the M/E when my regular GPS gave up the ghost and I was lost bigger than heck! My "backup" GPS had an older map so it wasn't being helpful and fortunately I had the latest M/E map in the Zumo with my Thai map.

    Don't have a clue about the headset setup, good luck!
  4. Oh I was in places to day that I had no clue where I was just followed the directions and it all worked out fine.

    Once saw how easy the GPS was and I only had glance at it when I was getting close to a turn not a big issue any longer.Just somthing o tnkewih now.
  5. Sometimes I really wonder about me :shock:

    I'm poking around on the GPS hit this one button next thing I know i find out I have 4.6 version audio missing

    Duh might be why it isn't comminicating :roll:

    Sent an e-mail to Garmin to find out if I can add it back. Definetly sit up for it. Shows volume controls for the GPS and a MP3

    With all these feature you would think this little character would be talking to me:

    Voice prompts (e.g. "Turn right in 500 ft."): yes (using included mount(s))
    MP3 player: yes
    Audio book player: yes
    Headphone jack/audio line-out: yes
  6. Ray,

    As you mention you hit a button on the GPS chances are that you have switched of a language. A Zumo forum says this about it:

    Audio Versions

    The version numbers behind the "Audio Versions" are unique to a specific language and voice file. So (in general) a higher number here does not mean that there is a better version. It merely identifies the language and type of voice you have selected.

    So try in "Localizing your Zumo (see page 32 in your manual) if you can select English as language and see if you have voice back.

  7. Thanks I will try that I may hove lost it when I took out the American Map program and loaded the Asia 8.1 map. It will all work out. No big deal they certainly give you enough notice when a turn is coming anyway.

    Would be nice to have all the bells and whistles. LOL

    I haven't tried the MP3 player yet since I don't have one. I will say one thing about Garmin support they are very helpful and patient.
  8. Marco to the rescue again, it needed a download form Garmin. Now I can find out if the blue toothe adater is going to work
  9. Ray

    no it was not me,, it was you, i just guide you for right direction.

    But for all of you guys&Girls who are running with Zumore either 450 or 550 here is the place to keep you seld up to date.

    Remember,, page is for 550, BUT it's firmware like voice is compatible for 450 and 550 and many others as well.
  10. Well, got the voice in the GPS this was an experiment I don't think it will work. Plugged in a bluetoothe adapter to the GPS unit. Hoping I could hear the voice prompts in the wrireless Scala system Nothing. I think that is because you have to pair the Scala to the GPs system 550 will do that, but 450 can not. So a 550 or a hardwired system seems to be the answer.

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