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  1. Have to go to Vientaine for a new visa. Was thinking of ride BKK to Udon and leaving bike at a friends.

    Anyone have a suggestion for a scenic route. I'm not going up that f-ing concrete highway to Korat.
  2. Like you, I have been looking for a nice (or say less painful) way of leaving Bangkok. So far the first day has always been a boring concrete highway riding.
    I have tried the road 21 heading to Phetchabun: big road, not that nice, a bit better than the highway 2 to Khon Kaen.
    Now, just by looking at the map, I see roads 2359 and 2037 heading to Kaset Sombun and Phu Khieo.
    The itinerary would work this way; road 21only to Bung Samphan then turn right on road 225. After about 35 kms on 225 left turn to catch 2359.These might be an option to ease the pain for at least part of the way.Now, how it actually looks on the ground I don't know.I am just seeking a solution like you.
    I may try next time and will post report on this board.
    If anyone has ever rode these roads, it would be nice to hear what they think.
  3. Suggest to try Chachoengsao - Phanomsarakam - 304 Pakthongchai - 24 Nangrong - 218 Burirum - 219 Mahasarakam - Karasin - 227 Phangkhon - 22 Udon Thaini
  4. Thanks Farmers,
    It looks good on the map...
  5. Rode back from Nong Khai to Bangkok via this route early April. In general, road surface condition and asphalt pavement are fairly good. There is only one part under construction for road expansion around Wang Nam Kheo. But, it is not problem for any type of bike.
  6. Mike
    I am in Vte Thurs - Sun this week.
    If you are around we can meet up at the Kopchaideu Pub.
  7. I have tried the route suggested by Farmers earlier on this thread:
    Chachoengsao - Phanomsarakam - 304 Pakthongchai - 24 Nangrong - 218 Burirum - 219 Mahasarakam - Karasin -except for the last part: 227 Phangkhon - 22 Udon Thani.
    This is a better way to exit Bangkok than the highway 32 with its confusing lane system.
    Here just ride to the end of Ramkhamheng (way past Red Baron)until you hit a T junction. There turn right. Anyway the direction to Chachoengsao is sign posted. Easy. Then, it 's mostly a 2X2 lane road until Buriram. Some part are being renovated and you get 1x1 lane.
    For the anecdote, I got stopped by Highway police for speeding between Chachoengsao and Phanom Sarakham... I am positive: I was not riding over 100 km/h at the time and they had no speed camera... Anyway I was not going to stand for Human Rights and Constitutional Law by the side of a Thai road, so I let a red banknote go and save me time.
    Scenic? Quite nice when going through Khao Yai National Park. Otherwise the road is mostly straight. Don't think about getting any angle.No fun riding, really.
    Bkk-Buriram: about 400km.
    Good room in Buriram. Riding out of the center towards the airport you 'll find Thepnakorn Hotel (66-44 613 400-2). 560 Bahts... However try the outer row of the bungalow type rooms. The inner row(closer to the main building) is right against a very noisy machinery that starts very early in the morning. Not a nice wake up eventhough you plan an early departure!
    Then Buriram-Udon Thani: 380 km.
    219 to Satuk, then 219 to Borabu, Mahasarakam and Karasin. Then 227 to Sam Chai and Wang Sam Mo. Then 2023 to Kumphawapi. From there it's only about 40 km on the main highway 2 before you reach Udon Thani.
    Overall, from Bangkok the trip is more time consuming (One day and half) with less heavy traffic to manage. However the local type of trafic (farming vehicles, local pick-up, dogs, etc) you come accross requires all your attention as well.
  8. If you can next to the river as soon as possible I think you will enjoy the ride much more, yuo will bypass Udon but we will forgive you
  9. To Ray 23:
    No idea what you 're talkin about... Could you please be a bit more specific? River name, road numbers would help. Thanx

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