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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by PICO-PICO, Jun 11, 2007.


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    very steep price, better buy a new one....

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    Greetings Chinosnake

    1. the helmet is new.

    2. looked at your web site, I used to sponsor The Frankfurt Ballet with William Forsythe, chosen as Choreographer Of The Year several times by the international critics’ survey. ... -Suche&lr=

    But far more important is what you are doing with/ for the kids.

    Chapeau !!!

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    email sent

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    This board is getting very interesting Pico! About the Schubert helmet: a friend of mine (rides a brandnew Harley Dynaglide) has one, he likes the the fact that it's an open helmet with a removeable bar to protect your chin.The helmet reduces the noise quite well (according to my friend) and is very comfortable. Schubert is one of the best helmets around (expensive too).
    In Holland the helmet costs about 450 euro's.

    Who is Helen Pickett? (except from being your friend?)
    We love working with the kids and perhaps we can organize a road trip, combined with a dance workshop. Any volunteers bikers?
    I'm Bangkok based.
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    Hi Pico
    I found out who Helen is.Is she still performing? By the way I'm in the Netherlands now until the 17 th

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    Hi Pico
    Great, love to meet both of you.Give me a sign when you're in the City of Angles. Does Helen also ride a bike?

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