Schumacher on a Ducati!!!

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  1. Ian Bungy

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    Just to show you that Michael "The Legend" Schumacher's Talent in a Car were not just because He had the Best car now He has Shown He also Has Skill on a Bike!!! In Testing for Ferrari He Topped the Time Sheets after not Driving an F1 Car for a Year then He Partnered another German to Win the Race of Champions for His Country :D but only came Second in the Individuals Race of Champions though, He normally Wins :(
    Regardless of What you think of the Guy He is Pretty Talented!!!
    This Article from a British Bike Magazine:
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  3. Azoulay

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    Riding a DUCATI ??? Schumacher, just like AZOULAY does !

    The first joke of the Year and the Year just begins...Can you imagine at the end of 2008 ???

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