Scooters no hass ? Dentist

Feb 24, 2004
Howdy you nuts !
I am flying out to thailand and will be making for chang mai, as i only have 3weeks and want to do a bit of cruising, the problem is i cant find my driving license and the ole bum hole is twitching about all this cop hassle, i aint gonna be on a big bike just blasting about on a hired dream, will the pigs still nip you about plates and shit on one of them ?
And also could any residents there tell me a good dentist. I was hoping to get put to sleep and get the ****ing lot done in a one go, is this possible ? Also is it hot/monsoon seaon at the mo ?
The Hurricane !



Jan 20, 2003
Honda Dreams are made in Thailand, and are easy and cheap to register. All the rentals should have license plates. If not, go to the next place.

You should check that it has a current road tax sticker and insurance sticker. In Thailand, they use a different year calendar, and right now it is year 2547.

Thai insurance usually only covers medical. Damage you do to the rental is not covered.

Wear helmets (driver and passenger) and don't drive too crazy, and you should not be pulled over. Carry a copy of the rental agreement. If possible, get a copy of the registration book as well. Legally, that has to be carried as well.

It is a good idea to have at least a copy of your passport and visa. Again, legally they could ask for the original.

As to the license - legally you need one to rent the bike. Actually, they probably won't even look at it. But if you are in an accident, could get sticky.

For dentists, a few of us have used Grace Dental Clinic and had good results. But there are 60 or so dental clinics and hospitals in Chiang Mai. Do a quick search and you will get lots of info.

As far as getting it all done at once - depends what you might need to get done, right? Crowns and new teeth will take multiple visits. You may want to contact the dental clinic before you get there to make sure you can get all the appointments you need.

Have fun