Scott Chain Oiler wanted

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by thailandtreks, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. thailandtreks

    thailandtreks Member


    I need a Scott chain oiler for my BMW 650 Dakar. I looked at their website but I am not sure which one I need. Where could I buy, in Thailand or order online ?

    Hans Deckers
    Thailand Treks
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  3. thailandtreks

    thailandtreks Member

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  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Try Chan Kok Pyng in Singapore at M-Technik.
    Chan has been supplying me & many other GT Rider with parts for years.
    or Motoworld Singapore is the S E Asia distributor.
  5. thailandtreks

    thailandtreks Member

    Thanks David, do you reckon they will be cheaper in Europe since I am travelling there soon ?
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Yes I would think so, but check prices on a few websites if you can; or just email the guys in Singapore.

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