Seal Those Leaky Rainsuit Seams


Dec 9, 2008
My 4 year old Givi rainsuit has been excellent and seen a tremendous amount of use every wet season.
But the trouser crotch seams had started to leak. Looking at them in the light, I could see right through 3 stitch holes.

I used McNett "SeamGrip" to re-seal the seams. It is a very sticky adhesive and cures overnight to form a flexible new seam tape. Wonderful stuff. 10 GBP a tube on Ebay. Much cheaper than a new rainsuit. This sealant is specifically for polyurethane materials.
I now expect the rainsuit to last many more years and have put the SeamGrip tube in the freezer to try and prevent it curing in the tube.

They also make a "FreeSole" for glueing your boot soles back on, which is a common problem in a warm humid climate.

Seam Grip® Seam Sealer & Outdoor Repair | McNett Europe - Outdoor

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