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  1. Well its been a while since I have checked in. sum up the last few months of activity would be short overniters. No real off road stuff but I did take a diversion thru the mud to tuk cha in kampong cham provice to check out some old temples. ref your gecko map and the small band that connects the six and seven just east of skun. this road is paved between both highways. turning east at the canal took us down the mud path. Most of the recent riding has been geared to the wet season. the routes to siem reap, battambang, kampong cham, neak luong north thru prey veng, kampong som, kampot route three and the south route thru kampong trach are all paved.

    took a few trips to kampot and kep just to escape the city and eat crab on the coast. fortunately the weather was with me 90 percent of the time and the raingear remained in the suitcase.

    made an attempt to take the 51 to kampot last week. picked up the dirt road off the 4 (to kampong som) and went south. we made it approximatey 1/3rd of the way before we crossed a big puddle only to be dissappointed by a larger uncrossable river. this can be done during dryer times but this season has brought a substantial amount of water. we went north until we could divert over to the 3 south then took the paved diversion to kampong trach and kep. less traveled and far fewer vehicles. took the next day and went up Bokor mountain. the road is still in relatively decent condition (for 250 cc dirt bikes) with big rocks and pitted asphalt. took about an hour up the mountain with passenger and about the same coming down. Lucked out with patchy clouds and blue skies and only a little rain once back at sea level on the way back to kampot.

    Riding season should be pretty good this year with a little less sand and a little more greenery.
  2. Jim,
    Just for your info about the Thai insurance you asked about:

    Went out thru Osmach with a mate who had foreign rego (ie.non Thai), the customs guys pulled him up and said he had to have insurance, yes we said, we understand, so go to Surin and buy some, yes sir no problem.He never did buy any ,but atleast at Osmach they will let you past the border to go and buy some.

    The road Siem Riep to Anlong veng was slightly muddy on the first 40 kms them OK, Anlong Veng to Osmach only a few muddy patches.Even a Africa Twin got thru.Nice little rest stop at Anlong Veng at the restaurant past the roundabout and on the dam wall, looks like they are building a guesthouse attached to the restaurant.

    Harri XR650R
  3. thanks for that Harri, its been a while since getting on the board. havent had much rain here lately and the river is down so should be a good season. also I did a brief report on route 66 that I took a year and a half ago. nov edition.

    I did do one overniter in kampong cham and took the road (longer of the two) that diagonals from the 7 to the 6 towards kampong thom. its paved now and goes thru a rubber plantation. when you get to the second plantation the road isnt paved. nice joy riding trip with great scenery. came bad to pnh via prek kaddam ferry. that stretch is now paved and fast.
  4. Hi Jim

    Reading thru your posts its clear you've covered Cambodia in detail.

    I've just found out I'm due to fly out to UAE next month.

    I had been planning to try my hand at renting a bike out of Bago to revisit Burma at the end of October .

    Now I'm going to have to fast forward - which is not ideal with it still being monsoon season here.
    I've rented bikes in Vietnam and Laos but these seem to be in high rainfall mode.

    Cambodia seems to have the least rainfall in mid september (when I would have to go) - I'll have my son as pillion and he's not too used to bikes so off road or excessive loose mud grade would be an issue.

    Could you advise a route (by town name)that picks up some of the "real" Cambodia (sorry for the cliche) -ie not overly intersted in temples outsdie of Angkor but would like to just see/stay amidst normal, local towns/people. a bit of rain/ manky roads is fine as long as the majority is paved.


  5. Sorry - forgot one more bit of info - how long!!

    I guess I've got around 12 days on the bike and can run from PP or Siem Reap.

    An angle on a good place to hire a reliable baja would also be appreciated..........


  6. I have covered a lot of ground and found a few out of the way places but there are plenty more for me to visit and guys like Harry the Finn and many partners in town here have covered the place pretty extensively (more than me), the only difference is I tend to write more and my business keeps me in one place long enough for others to catch up with me.

    as for the remainder of 2005 and early 2006 no riding in august due to maintenance work. hope to get to the coast in sept for some r and r and october a big trip around the lake with some guys coming over, after that, a few places I havent been ie the north east, and temple hunting around t'beng meanchey.

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