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  1. Can anyone suggest a shop in or around Pattaya that can do something with my klx seat
    As you know I live in Roi Et there's nothing here
    thanks in advance guys
  2. Are you sure? I see those upholstery shops on every other corner! :)

    Look for car seat/furniture upholstery places, they usually do MC seats, too. Even in Roi Et there should be at least one place.
  3. There is a shop on Teppasit Road in Pattaya that has done some nice seats for me.
    You need to be real clear on what you want, a picture will help a lot. Think they
    charged me 1500 baht for the seat on my MTX.
  4. Whoa, that's pricey!

    I just did my big Nouvo seat, only new vinyl, I chose cool-looking snake skin, cost me 200 baht.

    The seat of the CRF needed a bit of foam. I had some black, sturdy foam glued in where I sit, plus new vinyl, 250 baht.

    All done within half an hour or so, clean work.

    Down here they're not used to foreigners and I'm probably paying the local rate. ;)

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