second hand XT 660 X price????

Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by schesche, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I am interested to buy a XT 660 X which is a 2006 model with 36000 km, has green book and looks good. No big scratches, new tires, maintenance was done from Yamaha according to the seller.

    I had a look what are the prices for the same bike with similar parameters, i.e manufactrue year, km's etc. and found that in Europe bikes like that are traded for converted approx. 151'000 THB.

    I expect the price here is higher as import etc. needs to be done by the owner. Has anyone an idea what will be a suitable price for a bike like that?
  2. I would expect to pay up to about 250,000 thb for a bike like that.
  3. Thats about right what madjbs has said just had a quick look at two online with about the same miles on one was $6000 or 192.383 barht the other lower miles was $7000 or 224.405 barht both looked in good nick.
  4. thanks to both of you, now I have at least an idea about the local prices.

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