Second third Lifan repair: Clutch (also, state of CNX Lifan repair shop)

Discussion in 'Lifan Motorcycles' started by JB2112, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. I was heading uphill from a stopped position for both "incidents". Throttle was wound up a bit but clutch did not engage. This was while the odometer read
  2. I saw all Your other Posts on Your New Lifan Bike. I am a bit Surprised as I have heard a bit about them and thought they may be pretty Good? Sounds like You have had some Bad luck though! Hopefully things will improve for You! Lifan is a very Big Company and makes all sorts of stuff, I actually have some Lifan Engines in some of My Go-Karts and they run great, No problems at all!
  3. Ian,

    I think the peg was a fluke and the clutch a "newbie" issue.
    The bike is running fine now!

    I am looking forward to getting up to the X-Centre soon!
  4. It's been a year - how's your Lifan been holding up?

    No more repairs?
  5. Lifan is building lots of promising-looking engines, not just the usual air-cooled Jap-knock-offs from the eighties but new, watercooled designs that may even pass emissions in Thailand.

    This 200cc V-twin looks like it could have been designed in Japan:

  6. Klaus, if I remember right, saw on some thread that JB has dumped the Lifan already some months ago..........
    Can also remember seing an orange one near my home, after half a year the fairings have all faded to 'beige' and broken in some places.
    My personal opinion, just stay away from that crap.
    A good Thai made scooter (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or the Kwaka KSR) although more expensive, will give you satisfaction and also a reasonable Resale value with service facilities even in remote areas and piece of mind while on a tour. Rgds, FR
  7. Right, I said it before, I wouldn't buy anything but Japanese, assembled here, when it comes to bikes. Phones, computers or washing machines are a different story.

    But it never hurts to see what the Koreans and Chinese are up to. Just the fact that there are lots of Chinese small-displacement supermotos out there is surprising, we get only the 250 Tracker and the overpriced, too small Tracker 150.
    The 200cc V-twin pictured above - I doubt Honda or Yamaha would offer anything like that. Put that in a supermoto frame, sell it for 99,000 THB!
    Other Asian motorcycle producers are trying much harder in the small displacement market; I wish they'd deliver quality on the level with the Japanese but that may take at least ten years, if ever.

    I'd like to hear from JB how the Lifan performed and why he sold it! :)

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