Secure your D-Tracker fuel relay plug problem.

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Joelthailand, May 2, 2012.

  1. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    According to my mechanic at Kawasaki this a rare problem but he had the same thing happen last month on another D-Tracker, so maybe a little more common than they want to say!!

    My fuel pump relay plug vibrated loose from it's holder (metal hook) & fell down onto the header pipe! It swings down to the sit perfectly onto your exhaust pipe, then plastic melted on the relay & caused a fuse to blow.

    Very cheap & very easy to fix but if your in the middle of nowhere or it's late at night, BIG PROBLEM......Lights work, starter motor turns but no fuel, so no engine will start & without access on the roadside to a klx250 efi manual or a real Kawasaki mechanic, you will be abandoning your bike while scratching your head about what has happened.


    So check it's secure & add a cable tie just in case & I hope you avoid this little but annoying problem.

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  3. TonyBKK

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    Hee hee, my KLX doesn't have a fuel pump :lol-sign:

    Good info though!

    Ride on!

    Tony :happy2:
  4. Pgt066

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    What year is yours? I just looked at my 2010 model, and there is no way that it could happen on mine. I undid the rubber cover from that frame anchor, and there is not enough slack in that thing to ever touch the exhaust.
  5. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Pgt066, mine is a 2011 model. So it looks like 2010 or older are safe from this problem.
  6. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Tony, don't you have some jets to play with or a leaky diaphragm to

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