Security situation Thailand-Malaysia?

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    Hi gt-riders,

    Can anyone give me some real-world information on the security situation on Thailand-Malaysia border areas for overland travel? The Aus Government website currently says "reconsider any travel in this area" due to recent terrorist attacks. Mind you they had even higher "do not travel" warnings against Iran and Pakistan when we went through there and it was really no problem - but I guess you can be unlucky.

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    There is definately some trouble down there... most of it is targeted violence against people seen as supporting the BKK government, local officials and stupidly teachers... this is mostly in the form of shootings while travelling on motos...

    There has also been a growing number of bombings, often car bombs but using motorbikes... these are often set at markets and train/bus stations...

    Fortunately they are not seen to be targeting tourists, but unfortunately that means that you can't avoid trouble by staying away from tourist places...

    Of course the chances of being involved in any violence is still much less than the chances of being injured on the road...

    Stay safe,
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    Skillo's, more info on your trip thus far, you can't just say you traveled through X Y Z, an not tell us ole chum.
    And pics, an humerus anecdotes, like you and foot in mouth nearly getting married to a goat herders daughter, Well you know anyway[}:)]
    Scott...Land of oz.
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    OK Scot, this is probably off topic for this post, but our whole sordid story is on a bog on Horizons Unlimited website, link is

    but be warned, we are a little verbose and the stories started almost 1 year ago....

    thanks for the local info, any more updates would be appreciated..


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