Seeing Honda Crf250l In Bangkok

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  1. I'm interested in buying a Honda CRF250L. There is also, I understand, a CRF250 Rally and CRF250M. I'm not sure about CRF250L with ABS - they exist, but where do you buy them in Thailand. Could anyone shed some light on it? Particularly, where in Bangkok should I go to see a few models side by side, and maybe buy one of CRF250?

  2. CRF250M dropped this year. Never seen - or heard - of one with ABS
  3. Many thanks!

    I called Honda Big Bike in Bangkok, but they don't carry CRF250L. Would anybody know where I could actually see one? I keep striking out - all the shops I called so far say that they could order it for me, but don't have it in stock. Cheers!
  4. Up to 300cc - carried by the same dealers who sell scooters. Larger bikes at Big Wing
  5. Cheers, where a good, big Honda scooter dealer, that would also carry things like CRF250, be in Bangkok? Thanks again!
  6. Why do you sell so quickly?
  7. I saw one for sale in the local Honda scooter dealer under the BTS at Saphan Khwai this morning.

    Plus there was one at the Honda dealer at Ari near the BTS few months back.

    Get a KLX, 10 kg lighter, proven.. ;-) just a wind up for the CRF lovers...
  8. Those I have talked to say ... if you will ride more dirt oriented the KLX is better. If more road oriented the CRF is better. Me - I bought the CRF, put 17's on before I rode it one km. Knobbies still new
  9. That is True.. Felt like a road bike to me.. Sit high up ..
  10. Only sell it because i will go back to switzerland for some months.

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