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  1. 2007 CBR-150 with 5500 km. Just don't ride it and taking up space in my drive. 40,000

    Please no comments from self professed experts on the value as I have been offered this on a trade in so keep your opinion to yourself
  2. I am interested.
    I buy.
    if she is beautiful!
    How to contact you!
    I sent a PM and an e-mail by gt-riders
  3. IMHO, this forum is for the members to share their opinions, be they experts or not. Bit of an unrealistic request of yours, even tho you did say please
  4. You can see in some of the latest posts that I am not the only one tiring of listees slagging bikes for sale.
  5. I appreciate that and agree that it is not helpful when people do state what seem to be unrealistically low prices, however, I think they will be balanced by posts from folks who have a more realistic view of price and that maybe helps the GT-Rider community to get an overall idea of what the price is in the current market place. I think we would all like to see lower prices in the future for big bikes in Thailand, but that will not help us who are selling bikes which we had to pay more for.
    Good luck with your sale, and to me the price looks reasonable.
  6. ฺBike is now sold
  7. I am not happy, I call you, I said : I buy.. .you accepted ... and now you sell before the appointment ... if you hurry, tell me before...wrong ... poor mentality ...bye
  8. I don't think anybody slagged a fair price. That said, your price was fair.
    But if somebody is asking for an unreasonable price (like the guy trying to unload a 20 year old Intruder for 300+), why not let him know? Might save him some time or the whole deal if he adjusts his price.
  9. You said it perfectly KZ... Freedom of speech its a marvellous right....
  10. I also don't think that "Slaggers" are here as "Dave" keep this forum pretty clean from it and 99.9% of us are reach more or less adult age.

    Those who likt that kind of behaviour are more or less based in TV(thai visa) pages, there one cant say basically anyting with out getting some kind of weird feed back.

    but like KY said freedom of speech is marvellous right, when used "Right"
  11. Dear 2 post Belgian Rider:

    For the record, the only correspondence we had was an email exactly as per your post, and my reply c/w pic giving you my phone number. You did not even bother to call me, but had your secretary call to make an appointment to see the bike. Contrary to your latest post, please note that your offer was conditional upon seeing the bike, I had not accepted your conditional offer, and as such it was not a closed deal.

    FYI, the normal procedure in selling a bike is to arrange viewings in order of first contact, and the first one to pay is the buyer. In this case there were 2 persons ahead of you, one of whom who had asked me about the bike Jan 4. The Jan 4 person was the first to view the bike, and bought it.
    Once sold I promptly notified you via email so as not to waste your time.

    Your angst is somewhat misplaced.
  12. First person who shows the money gets the bike. That always worked best for me. Lots of people call they'll for sure buy it and then don't show up.
    If a deal sounds exceptionally good and the seller seems trustworthy you can buy it unseen and send a deposit (10% or work it out with the seller) by ATM. Then it's officially sold. In this case a low risk transaction.
    Then again I'll never forget how I bought my second bike in California in 1988. (My first one was a CB360, it came with a nail file for the points...) I saw an ad for a one-year-old Nighthawk 450 for $700 - it must have been new somewhere around $2500 - and I was the first to call. It was on a Monday and I didn't have time until Saturday, but the owner, an old man, told me that he would wait until then. On Saturday I went to see the bike, it was good as new, and thanked the guy for waiting. He said he was glad that I showed up because all week long people were calling to buy he bike, sight unseen. He took their phone numbers in case I didn't show up, but he said since I called first, I should get the chance to buy it.
    Then he told me story why he's selling it: His grandson needed a bike to get to work and promised to pay him back with monthly payments, so he bought it for him, but kept it in his name. After that the grandson didn't stay in contact with him, didn't make payments, and soon after quit the job. Realising he'd been taken advantage of he decided to teach his grandson a lesson; he called him to stop by, took the key of the bike and gave him a ride home in his car. Then he put an ad in the paper to sell it quick way below its actual value - and I was the lucky guy who spotted the ad first and got it. It was a great little bike and I did lots of trips with it.

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