Selling Honda Transalp, Model 1995 400 cc (Asian model) for 105,000 THB

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  1. Selling the best bike I ever had:

    Honda Transalp
    Model 1995
    400 cc (Asian model)

    pictures at craigslist click here:

    The Motorcycle is extremely durable, reliable and in very good condition. I owned it for 1 Year and have been traveling 11000 km on it through Thailand, Lao and Cambodia. I changed the carporator (renewed original), exchanged the CDI units and the electric regulator (stabilizer), and still have all the receipts. Just put on a new back tire and chain. I am still on the road for another month and will bring the bike back to Thailand. It’s registered in the previous owners name with all the paperwork and the original green book (There were no problems crossing into Lao and Cambodia. I haven’t got a permanent addressee in Thailand and can't register the bike in my name).

    It’s set up for two people to travel on with: tank bags, rack with a big lockable box, side bags. The bike comes with tools, spare parts and camping gear (tent, stove, cooking gear, mats) and two good quality Helmets made in Thailand and the best maps(GT Rider) I could find for the countries I travelled in.

    The bike was owned exclusively by farang (foreigners) and i serviced the bike always in time.

    The maximum speed I tried was 150km/h.
    A good travel speed is 90km/h (depending on road conditions).
    Petrol consumption is extremely good: at least 320 km with a full tank (15 liters) of petrol fully packed and two people in mountainous regions. Once I drove 420km alone on straight roads cruising speed!

    The best bike for Southeast Asia!

    I have a good list of mechanics in every country specializing on big bikes, some who have the same bike, Honda Transalp.

    Please contact me on my e-mail. Keep in mind, that I can’t sell the bike before August 22nd. Have to stay in touch; I am not sure when I will be back to Bangkok. I would even drive the bike Chiang Mai if there are serious interests. After the wet season is the best time of the year to cruise on the bike in the north of Thailand and Laos.
  2. Hi,

    I will be in BKK next month and am intersted in the bike,

    how many km has the bike on it? This because your asking price is quite high imo.

    you can contact me on [email protected]

  3. 38 000km so far.will put on around another 2000km before selling it.

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