Selling: VFR 400/NC30 (has problems with overheating, due to a leaking gasket?)

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  1. michaels

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    Hi, I'm selling my VFR 400.  Is a 1992/1993 model with racing fairings.  Has a green book and road sticker valid till around April next year.

    Runs fine the first few minutes, but then starts overheating.  Diagnosed at the Piston shop to be due to a particular leaking gasket which it is difficult to procure at the moment.  Has recently had the electrical wiring replaced, an engine rebuild, and new battery.  All at the Piston shop.  I used to ride it back and forth to Chiang Rai on daytrips, which was great.  A nice bike that makes a nice, not too loud, sound. ;-)

    Probably it will run great again if the overheating problem can be solved, but who knows.  I want to sell it and am asking for 50,000 ONO.

    Bike can be viewed at the Piston shop.
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  3. canthai

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    Just one source -

    You did not state your exact model, but there is a drop-down menu to choose different ones.

    Lots of places on the net to source it seems
  4. michaels

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    Hey man, thanks for that.  I now remember I bought some things from that shop 4-5 years ago for the bike, and it looks like they might have the gasket too.  But to be honest, I'm a bit fed up tinkering with the bike, and mostly I don't have time to tinker with it anyway, so have to leave it to the shop, with not always the most satisfactory result.  Not sure why exactly, as Nat at the piston shop does seem to know his stuff pretty well.

    Possibly I'll get a newer bike later, if I can find an not too old cbr 600rr, R6, or similar at a decent price.  I'd like that, but for now, I want to sell this one.    A bit of a pity as I've spent 30-40,000 on various parts for it the last year or two, including the new electrical harness, but enough is enough.   So if anyone wants a new hobby project, they're welcome.

    The bike did run pretty well until the overheating started, and the engine sounds fine, better than a couple of other nc30s I've seen.  The racing fairing on it are also pretty nice, a head-turner for those who care about that, though could do with a paint job and some minor fixing.  Sorry I can't find any picture of it. :-/
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    Nice bike. I like to tinker too, so the price is right. The only thing ... my old knees would last about 30 minutes riding a sprots bike like that. Pull into a Jiffy and fall over because I could not move my foot from the peg !! Good luck with the sale - someone will get a great bike at a great price.
  6. michaels

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    Somebody from another site asked for a picture, so posting it here too in case anyone is interested.

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