Serious Number Plate Offense

Mar 15, 2003

Chiang Rai police shoot motorcycle thief

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

Following on information received concerning the theft of motorcycles,
Pol. Maj. Gen. Chamnong Kaewsiri, Chiang Rai Provincial Police commander headed a force of police to check the activities of a gang of thieves who specialized in stealing motorcycles and cars and shipping them across the border into Laos, at Chiang Khong, near Chiang Rai.

The officers lay in ambush behind the Valentine Hotel where the thieves were expected to appear. Three men eventually arrived pushing a Honda motorbike without a license plate from a grove of trees behind the hotel. The officers stopped the men and asked to check the motorbike. Instead of complying with the officers’ request, the three men opened fire on the police, who returned fire to defend themselves, the exchange lasting about ten minutes.

After the noise died down, the police checked the scene and found a body holding a shotgun in his right hand but the other two men had escaped. No police were injured in the shoot-out.

The motorcycle was seized and a ring of motorbike ignition keys were recovered. All the keys belonged to Honda brand motorcycles, but no registration documents were found.

The police knew that this gang was involved with stealing vehicles and shipping them across the Thai border to export them to Laos.

They are either serious about number plates or didn't like the export methods. 10 minute exchange with a shotgun? Must have carried a lot of extra rounds. [:D]

Dave Early

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Jul 6, 2004
Shit, David, and I told my Aussy mates its safe in the GT!
See you in July

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Jan 22, 2005
Hi Silverhawk,

Were's the Valentine Hotel? Local news here in Chiang Khong, is that last week the police shot and killed a "local" who was part of a bike stealing gang... Possibly the same shooting and or is someone getting more serious?

Cheers from this side,
David and Mai