Service at Samoto (in CNX)


Jan 21, 2006
I just had some basic service at Samoto and thought I'd share my experience. Stopped by at 11:00, the younger guy was there and had enough english to get things going, said the bike would be ready by 6:00. He (or the boss) called me an hour later to confirm and clarify before proceeding. Called at 5:00 to let me know the bike was ready. Picked it up, met the boss who gave me an itemized receipt, smiles all around.

Here's what they charged me. Would be curious to hear what those more experienced think of these prices. All for a 400 cc honda bros.

3 bottle of Motul 15W-50, 190/each, 570 baht
Sunwa oil filter, 150 baht
rear brake pads, 500 baht
seals for the forks, 250/each, 500 baht
fork oil, 270 baht
service, 650 baht

total 2,640 baht

they also cleaned and lubed the chain and fixed an electrical problem with the rear lights.
Jun 21, 2006
yep that sounds about right..i use g3 superbike shop near the nakon ping bridge...same prices on brake pads...valvoline oil though was 150baht a bottle...and the service for 1 day was 400baht. the owner( tong ) also stays behind after he closes the shop and drinks heineken with whoever is still hanging round the shop, great service and a top bloke...