Service manual free DL for xr250r and 49 other bikes (Honda?

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    I've received a lot of help from posts here, and from different members I've pm'd. I'd like to return the favor by posting a link to downloading free motorcycle service manuals (all Honda, I think). I was looking for a service manual free-download for an xr250r, and wasn't having any luck with different webposts I found through Google, and then I tried a link to a Thai website called, and their link - to another website called - worked. I was able to successfully download the service manual for the xr250r, so I'm posting this link for anyone who needs a free Honda motorcycle service manual download: ... 64358.html (the motorcycle manuals are listed part way down this page under "Bike Manuals")
    The link in the above webpage is to this webpage:
    You have to register (for free) at hondahookup, but it was easy and no hassle.

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