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  1. Got the Yamaha 535 today, what a sweet ride, The mechanic did wonders with it simply perfect for me. 535 CC's but smaller then a Phantom Got the sizzy bar on it which makes my wife very happy, she just feeld more secure with it and can relax more on rides. However the bike is so small that all 85 pounds are pressed against my back all the time. Now I need a girlfriend with big boobs LOL The one accessory that was missing. LOL
  2. Ray,

    My wife is rather well endowed that way, would you like to either sell me your bike, or rent my wife for rides??? Just kidding, but good to hear you are enjoying the new ride... How about a photo??

  3. Maybe I better just loan it to your for a ride, dont want to part with the bike or the wife LOL. how do you post photos on here?
  4. express-2.
    This is the type of "Old" Bike that I would like to try and find...

    I never have posted a photo on this forum, so the above is just a try to see if I can figure it out... It worked!!! You need to copy and paste the IMG location from your host page such as

  5. HI YA RAY...i have been trying to post photos in here for weeks..just done it....silverhawk has written a very good article on it..with a lot of help from a few people i managed to do seems hard ....but its easy when u know everything..if u still have problems posting your pics...get back to me.....and i will slowly go through it with u.....really have to cocentrate when u are doing this...dont try and do it when the dogs jumping all over u..the cats trying to tear yr knee off ..and the talking 19 to the dozen...i got up at 2am ..and done it peace and quiete.good luck mate..get back to me if u have any probs...
  6. Paul, that looks quite similar to a BSA Bantam 250cc that I learned to ride on in NZ about 50 years ago. Same colour too.
    Good Luck in your quest.
  7. Paul,

    Thanks for the "Good Luck" wishes..... I am not looking for that particular bike, rather one that has a simular "Old Look" to it... Heading up to Nong Khai on Thursday to look at one around there that a relative of the Wife called us about... Supposedly totally rebuilt / remanufactured bike with book & plate, even thought no taxes paid for the past 12+ years... I sure wish more Thai's had both digital cameras and internet knowledge/connections,, could save me a possibly useless 3 1/2 hour drive... Oh well, I am retired so don't really have anything more pressing to do...


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