shark helmets in chiang mai?

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  1. Hi, I think somebody here mentioned a shop in chiang mai
    that occasionaly got some cheap shark helmets for sale,
    perhaps fallen of the production line.

    I can't find the post again however, so anyone remeber
    the name of the shop?
  2. A quick SEARCH found this ... erms=Shark
  3. Thanks, I saw that, but for some reason I thought there
    was another posting too, mentioning what might have been lower
    prices? Maybe I remember wrong. :-/
  4. We have seen them in pattaya for 1800 baht, he is out of stock and tells me there will be more soon, fell off the back of a lorry apparantly !!
  5. More than likely Shark helmets available in Thailand will have not passed QC or the applicable standard for the country they were destined for.
  6. The ones we bought before were ok ,we wanted them to ride in asia, although they had gold acu labels on !.apparantly they only make shark to export ( NOT OFFICIALLY SOLD ON THAILAND )so the quality will be the same we would assume, i left mine in cambodia and it walked, so im after another, ill keep members posted if interested, .
  7. The story about the "cheap Sharkhelmets" is this. At the end of last year they had a lot of Shark helmets with the e4 homologation which expired in a month and they could not deliver them to Europe. The factory in Rayong decided that they will give them as a new year bonus to the workers. Of course the workers sold them immediately to some middleman who then sold them to different shops all over Thailand. I bought a few at a very fair price from Wikrom at Baron in Bangkok who also told me the story. There is also a shop in Vientianne who at least advertise that he is official importer for Shark in Laos but I assume that he has to buy them from France and then the price is not very cheap. Shark does not want to advertise that some helmets are made in Thailand and especially not the expensive Carbo Helmets. They prefer to have an European image. The same with Triumph Arlien Ness (one of the biggest Harley accessories manufacturer), KN-filters JT-sprockets (by far the biggest sprocket brand in Europe delivered from England) etc They all have factories here where they manufacture the goods and send them all to Europe. Unfortunally for us the production lines does not leak very often, so we still have to carry our "European" bought parts back to Thailand. I was just back in Scandinavia for a short visit and I visited a few motorcycle shops selling Triumph and it was impossible to have them accept that soon 50% of the bikes are made and assembled in Thailand when the third factory is ready. Britain rules....
  8. Hi hiko, you are absolutly right,. there is a kawasaki factory without signs up in rayong making the klx and kdx range of dirt bikes, and has been for 10 years,.there are also alpinestars factory here,and the boots are exported from here with made in italy on them !,.it dosent bother me buy it may bother these old triumph die hards that " only buy british " etc,. i for one wish the back door would leak more often, but ive been told the new kawasaki klx300 will be over 400k in thailand, more than in england and its made here !, Now if only we could loosen the tailgate on the lorry ,.mmm
  9. Try going to the Shark factory in Rayong with a bottle of Johnny Walker in hand and offering a swap with someone working there [;)]

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