Shark Helmets in Thailand

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  1. SHARK helmets in Thailand. The whole range of Shark helmets has passed T.I.S certification in Thailand & will be available for sale in the kingdom very soon.

    The distributor will be
    Sylvang Supply Co Ltd Thailand
  2. David, that's good news for me as I am using a SHARK and must admit that this brand fits my head perfectly, I do not need the earplugs as this helmet is also dampening noise in a perfect manner, will try to get a second one soon. First one I had to bring in although the factory was just 50 kms from my former workplace......In Europe I used Schuberth but they are very costly and not available in LOS. Website France:
    Company in Klaeng/Rayong is called: Advanced Composite System Co.Ltd.
    As soon as you have an address, please post. Txs//rgds, FR
  3. Sylvang Supply Co ltd - National distributor
    289/428 Bangkok garden Condominium
    narathiwat soi 24, Chongnonsee, Yannawa BANGKOK 10120

    Tel : 66 (0) 2 672 0621

    available from panda rider and Dr Bike in BKK. No dealer in CM yet.
    Also still look to be charging imported prices rather than locally produced. But that could be an unrevised website (very common here in Thailand)

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