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  1. Twice now I have clicked onto the Shark Helmets Ad on this Website. Both Times When I tried to Download the Brochure My Computer Froze Up??? Have to Restart My Computer to get Rid of it and go back to Normal??? Just Wondering if there is something Wrong with it or My Computer??? I have had NO Problems anywhere Else?
  2. Ian, I couldn't download either, pretty poor Website for a perfect product. there could be more information other than the international brochure download; for example a description of the manufactoring plant in Rayong (Advanced Composite System Co.,Ltd), and so on and prices there either........hope they rethink their website design soon as I like their helmets. Cheers, Franz
  3. Morning Guys

    I just dowloaded and it's abt 20Meg and 62 pages, no problem for me..

    i can try to mail it to you franz & Ian, but not sure if Hotmail allows that size

    EDIT: Ian & Franz,, just send that catalog to you guys via YM
  4. Hi Franz & Marco.
    Thanks for that Guys, Don't send Me the File Marco. I did a Google Search and came up with the Relevant info. As Franz said, Nice Helmets! Pity the Local Web Site doesn't List Prices etc? Also that Annoying Thai Boxing Music Wailing doesn't entice Me to go any Further!!! I would like to Buy if there was a Agent in Chiang Mai and I knew the Price??? I just Brought a KBC Helmet which Looks Nice but So Much Wind Noise it Hurts to Wear it even with Ear Plugs!!! Waste of Money!!!
  5. Hi Ian,

    You can check the prices here ... _Shark.htm

    Click on the helmet you like and the price becomes visible.

    The shop owner is Khun Siam and he speaks English. Just email him and ask where you can get these in CM.


  6. hi Everyone !

    Thanks for your comments on the Shark Website. you are absolutely right, there is a problem on our website. i will fix it as soon as possible and let you know. i am very surprised because i have download several time the catalogue and it was working fine.

    in the Meantime, you can download the catalogue on our main website :

    For the retail price list, please check with your regular retailer ,and they will inform you.The list of Shark retailer is on my website

    best regards
  7. Hi again,

    please note that the SHARK "S series ,SK series ,and open line series " are not available in Thailand. ( they are made in Portugal )

    but we do have the SHARK : Evoline series 2, RSJ, RSF3, RSI and RSI carbon , RSR2, RSR2 carbon

    Bye bye

  8. Hi Sylvain ,

    I would just like to add as much as shark helmets may be a great product, but the website i find not so great...that starts with the very irritating "Muay Thai" intro and goes on being just a "onepager" with links to some of the suppliers and some address...if the product is so great why is it not possible to have some decent website to go along with? Sure, performance counts on anything we want( to buy) but if it isn't outlined, on your page i simply won't be bothered to buy .
    I hope that gives you enough motivation to do a real change on this page as the product maybe a lot better than the page we currently look at.
    with best regards,


    Tiger/Sachs Club
  9. Hi Everyone !

    the Shark website have been fixed( ), and you can now download the Shark catalogue under .rar format.

    Best regards

  10. Hello Sylvain,
    Thanks for Your Prompt fix. As soon as You get a Chiang Mai Distributor let Us Know. I will Buy some. I have spoken to a Few Guys and seems SHARK is Rated very Highly. Franz even Said it is the Best helmet He has ever Owned!!! So I have to have some! I would Order Direct from You but I want to Test Fit one First to be sure I get the Correct Size? Thanks and Good Luck.
  11. Just communicated with Sylvain, info has changed as follows:
    (he's not selling directly as he's the distributor, so no need to ask him to send you a helmet)

    Also informed me that he's got now a dealer up here, shop called "Whipping Racing", owner called Khun Woodie (Sarawut) ... &Itemid=38
    Shop's on Ragaeng Road just near the southeastern edge of the moat, he posted a googlemap on his website. Wasn't there yet but must say he's quick in replying per email.

    Cheers, Franz
  12. Just to finish this info, got a very perfect email communication with Sylvain and Woddie at Whipping Racing and ordered a SHARK SXR Ramp enduro style helmet. Delivery was promised after Songkran, and voila today got a call from Woddie that the helmet's here. Well didn't have the time to go to his shop so he just said he will drop by and bring it to my place. Ordered an XXL pot as everything smaller is like fitting a condom onto a beer barrel......55555
    True to his word I received my new helmet within only half an hour:
    Cost me THB 9,700.00 which is a steal compared to other makes. And the best thing of all, as coming from their plant near Klaeng/Rayong it has a manufactoring date of 21st of April 2011, means brand new !!!!! I don't know all brands but found out the SHARK's are a perfect fit for me. Further on does it have a 5 year guarantee !!!!!!!!
    Woddies shop is near the moat, sometimes he has a small sign outside, coming from Chanklan Road, it's on your right just before the last 2 small curves before hitting the moat. He also has a small coffee shop and sells special handmade tiles, not easy to find but he said that a new sign will be up soon.
    So another perfect SHARK in my list of accessoiries. Airoh will be dumped as in my opinion shobby italian quality.........
    Cheers, Franz
  13. Actually if your browser is configured to open the .pdf files instead of downloading them it could just freeze as 20mb takes a lot more to load than a regular web page.
  14. Hi Everybody,

    there are so many pictures of our helmets available on internet, that we have decided to open a facebook account which contains all the shark helmets available in thailand 2011 collection.

    For more details please visit :

    For all the previous year discount models, please visit :

    Now there is Shark in Thailand for every budget

    BEst regards

  15. Now you are just boasting......:mrgreen:

    Franz you have a nice looking helmet there, it'll look wicked with your purple beast! :lol:

    Similar design, I believe, to the orange one I had to go all the way to Vientiane for some years ago.
    p*ssy not included
    Only a pity they don't have a similar design, but with a visor, like Arai's Tour-X.
    But good that we are getting more choice of decent helmets at reasonable prices.
  16. Hi every one,

    If you are interested by OFFROAD HELMETS in composite Fibers 2010 collection , i have 9 in my stock at 6999 baht clearance, you can order from the dealer of your choice ( NINJA in Bangkok, Pattaya superbikes, WHipping Racing in Chiang Mai ,and southern Big Bike in phuket ) , please find below the size breakdown: XS = 2 pcs , S= 2 pcs ,M = 2 pcs , L= 1 pc , XL = 2 pcs


    Attached files 267863=3294-Shark%20SXR%20Champ%20KWG. 267863=3293-Shark%20SXR%20Crew%20Line%20KGW. 267863=3296-Shark%20SXR%20Crew%20Line%20KRW. 267863=3295-SXR%20SXR%20ALESSI%20Black%20Orange%20Red.

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