SHARK VIsion-R Fuxy helmet


Jun 28, 2007
As my SHARK RSFi "Fullmatt" is now getting 5 years old I decided to get myself a new one as the SHARK SXR "Ramp" is not suitable for the FJR.
Ordered a brand new from Woodie at Whipping Racing and got it delivered today to my door.
Unfortunately he has closed his shop but still delivers his friends and former customers, he was specialised in go-karting but after the racetrack near my home closed its doors his business went very quiet, still he is able to supply and you can contact him as follows:
[email protected]
Model is new, a SHARK VISION-R "Fuxy" design in XL size with retractable built-in sunvisor, paid 10,780.- THB for it (discounted) and was stamped by the factory QC in Klaeng as finished on 19.05.2012. Again perfect service, brand new product and a very reasonable price.

It fits my head like a glove, perfect !! It's still a little tight but as I experienced with my other 2 Shark's it takes only wearing it for one long biking day and they fit perfect. Helmet is very light and I won't need any earplugs in them. It has also 2 small slots to easily fit glasses. It is prepared for the Bluethooth system of Shark SHARKTOOTH; has 2x ventilation slits on top and one up front, further on some cloth that can be adjusted under your chin to avoid any creepies crawling up to your mouth and nose.
The old one I will keep for some friends/relatives coming to see me as still in good shape, just needs a wash.
One more foto of my 3 SHARK helmets:

Cheers, Franz