SHARKS - Bora Bora

Discussion in 'Global Trip Reports' started by Rod Page, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Wow, that looks like quite the adrenaline rush! Gorgeous pictures! Did you ride any of the sharks? :clap:
  2. That's me showing off my new tattoo! 55555

    Things have recently changed since the Canadian tourist was bitten on the arm last February. Although the local theory is that the shark was attracted by the shiny metal rim of the fellow's watch those providing this type of activity for tourists have agreed in principle to stop such swims. An Aussie tourist here recently 'bear-hugged' a shark & then posted it on youtube - he's copped heaps of criticism relating to the risk he has taken.

    My daughter is getting married here in June &, of course, we'll be taking those attending the marriage out to see the sharks but its no longer straight forward to find someone prepared to ride one of the sharks - not at all due to fear but simply out of respect for what's been agreed between the tour operators.

    I know its often said the photos dont do justice to the spectacle but this moment, clearly elevated by the fact that I was already terrified in the sense most Australians are by the danger of shark attacks, is truly one such moment that left an impression deeply & forever embedded in my mind.
  3. Stunning images Rod. That's something I'd totally be up for. Diving is a fantastic experience in itself let alone getting to share the water with those magnificent beasts. What a rush!

    Hope all is well.
  4. Great photos. Thank you
  5. My computer 'died' in february leaving me without proper internet contact for almost 6 weeks. As a consequence I missed this last post.

    Given the interest in the photos it may be of interest to readers that the shots were taken by a GoPro camera. Today's technology is a marvel.

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