Shell Advance Ultra 4T - Where to buy in BKK?

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  1. Anyone in BKK have a line on a shop in BKK selling Shell Advance Ultra 4T? Found a website of a shop selling it down by Rama 2, but looking for some place east of the river.
  2. That's the full synthetic right? I've found it at Shell Stations and Autobacs before but get it cheaper from Kawasaki Rama 9.
  3. Thank you! Yes it is their top full synthetic oil. Kawasaki on Rama 9 would work fine if I can get it there.

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  4. Confirmed- in stock at Kawasaki Rama 9, 320 Baht a liter-
  5. Thanks Tony!
  6. Update. I picked up 12 liters today at Kawasaki on Rama 9. Thanks again Tony. Luckily one of my bikes is a D-tracker, so they agreed to sell me the oil. They actually checked to make sure I was in their system. Strange, but I guess it is just one of those Thai things that makes you scratch your head.

    Checked some places near my house (Red Barron, Shell Station, another Kawasaki big bike dealer on Ramkhamhaeng) for future reference but no luck.

    Next time at the Ducati dealership I will talk to Jay and ask him for some more suppliers. I sure he must know.
  7. Shell Advnce Ultra is a good oil but its a Grade 4 synthetic which means its not actually a full synthetic which would be a Grade 5 ,

    its made from a mineral base which is synthesised , a grade 5 synthetic has no mineral base at all , In Thailand Motul and Mobil are the best grade 5 synthetics ....
  8. This oil is actually reccomended to run in my airplane. Motul not authorized anymore, and Mobil 1 not available in Thailand 15W 50. Thanks for the info though.

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